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(skwā′māt′, skwä′-)
Any of various reptiles of the order Squamata, which includes the lizards, snakes, and worm lizards.
1. Of or relating to reptiles of the order Squamata.
2. Of or relating to squamae.


Relating to or covered with scales.
Synonym(s): scaly, squamate.
[L. squamosus]


; squamate scaly; capable of desquamation
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These data are important for fossil identification because the maxilla is a common bone in the squamate fossil record and taxonomically significant characters are still unknown for several groups.
These carnivorous marine creatures, which died out with the dinosaurs around 65,000,000 years ago, traditionally have been thought either to be close relatives of monitor lizards or close to the base of the squamate family tree.
Scanning electron microscopy of changes in epidermal structure occurring during the shedding cycle in squamate reptiles.
Therefore, the diversity of the Upper Cretaceous Iberian squamate fauna is clearly higher than recognized presently.
Metabolism of squamate reptiles: allometric and ecological relationships.
In squamates, researchers have demonstrated a positive correlation between adult body size and age at maturation (e.
For instance, the smallest squamate is the dwarf gecko, which can fit all four of its feet onto a dime.
Life history allometry in mammals and squamate reptiles: taxon-level effects.
1996) reply to criticisms raised by Niewiarowski and Dunham (1994) of a model of the evolution of reproductive effort in squamate reptiles published earlier (Shine and Schwarzkopf 1992).
Although the squamate remains from Lano are not really numerous (about 50 specimens), the assemblage is one of the richest and most diverse from the Late Cretaceous of Europe (Rage, 1999; Folie and Codrea, 2005).