lower respiratory tract smear

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low·er res·pi·ra·to·ry tract smear

a group of cytologic specimens containing material from the lower respiratory tract and consisting mainly of sputum (spontaneous, induced) and material obtained at bronchoscopy (aspirated, lavaged, brushed); used for cytologic study of cancer and other diseases of the lungs.
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Patients were recommended to remain hospitalized until showing sputum smear or culture conversion and clinical improvement.
Fluorescent microscopy is preferred to light microscopy for sputum smears, as it is more sensitive but equally specific and requires less laboratory time per slide.
Safety in laboratories carrying out sputum smear microscopy: a dilemma for resource-poor countries.
Sets (direct and stained sputum smear of a sample) of smears with discordant results were selected and read blindly by a second reader.
The sputum smear had 3+ acid-fast bacilli (AFB); mutations of the rpoB and katG genes were indicated by testing with GenoType MTDRplus (Hain Lifescience, Nehren, Germany).
The variables associated with lack of sputum smear or culture conversion were age >45 yr, higher pre-treatment smear and culture grading, and extent of the radiographic involvement.
Sputum smear status and the presence or absence of lung cavitation on chest radiograph were used as indicators of infectiousness.
Control programmes, focused on adult infectious cases, have largely based case detection and reporting on sputum smear results.
The high burden countries use sputum smear microscopy as the main diagnostic tool since their priority is smear positive cases.
Sputum smear testing showed acid-fast bacilli (AFB) graded Gaffky 2 (grade 1+ on the World Health Organization scale) (4).
A high proportion of patients who go on to fail standard treatment have a positive sputum smear at 2-3 months (74%), while only a minority of patients who go on to be cured have a positive smear at that time.