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nd] Annual Springtime DC Golf & Tennis Invitational, an award-winning green event for Corporate Social Responsibility, at Lansdowne Resort.
like the breath of satire, it's springtime and runners are expected
The study focused on springtime ozone in a slice of the atmosphere from two to five miles above the surface of western North America, far below the protective ozone layer but above ozone-related, ground-level smog that is harmful to human health and crops.
Delicate yellow buttercups and colorful tulips awaken early and spread the news: "It's springtime.
It's Springtime In My Backyard featuring photographs by author and illustrator Kathy Mazur is the delightfully informative and educational tale of Molly and "Moe the Mallard".
Some of the delectable recipes: Grilled Fajita Pocket Sandwich, Springtime Orange Cake, Prime Rib of Beef, Martin Yan's Sweet and Sour Chicken, German Apple Pancake, Chocolate Pound Cake, and Gourmet Caramel Apples.
Hikers point out that springtime is a wonderful time to take a hike to see blooming mountain flowers, berries and a variety of animal wildlife.
Springtime certainly contains promise - promise of summer growth and autumn harvests.
With titles like Springtime for the RNC, newamerican century.
Three per cent losses of the 11 million lambs born in Wales each springtime equates to 330,000 lambs killed this past springtime in Wales - by foxes.
Springtime depicts a view of a river in Normandy and was painted during Twachtman's first visit to France.
Springtime is heaven for ballet lovers in New York.