spreading depression

spread·ing de·pres·sion

a decrease of activity evoked by local stimulation of the cerebral cortex and spreading slowly over the whole cortex.
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Both epilepsy and migraines appear to be triggered by the same coritcal spreading depression (CSD) in the brain; the difference is the rate of reaction.
Migraine attacks, like epileptic seizures, may be triggered by excessive neocortical cellular excitability; in migraine, however, the hyperexcitability is believed to transition to cortical spreading depression rather than to the hypersynchronous activity that characterizes seizures.
Another piece of evidence was cortical spreading depression (CSD), a wave of electrical "silence" in the brain that follows electrical stimulation, spreading out from the point of stimulation in a predictable pattern.
Furthermore, we already have headache at the onset of aura, and that does seem to conflict with the idea that you have to have a [cortical] spreading depression to activate the trigeminovascular system to cause headache.
Dr Charles said that migraines show cortical spreading depression (CSD), when dramatic waves of activity spread across the surface of the brain.
Later researchers connected the phenomenon to a migraine aura, reasoning that the flickering light that patients see could occur as the cortical spreading depression crosses the visual center at the back of the brain.
Tariffs were bound to go up worldwide under the political pressure of the spreading depression, but Smoot-Hawley only accelerated the trend while making the United States a special target of discriminatory trade retaliation.
Aura is a neuroelectric event caused by cortical spreading depression that represents a wave of neuronal excitation in the cortical gray matter that spreads from its site of origin (Soma & Ko, 2008).
During cortical spreading depression there is dramatic failure of brain ion homeostasis and efflux of excitatory amino acids from nerve cells (5,7,8).
Ferrari mentioned multiple possibilities, including ischemia, cortical spreading depression, genetic factors, apoptosis, and, although unlikely, patent foramen ovale.
Likewise, one who expects, in the service of such an elaboration, an elucidation of a spreading depression settling over the nation's youth will feel misled by the title of this memoir.
3b Low extracellular magnesium induces epileptiform activity and spreading depression in rat hippocampal slices.