spreading depression

spread·ing de·pres·sion

a decrease of activity evoked by local stimulation of the cerebral cortex and spreading slowly over the whole cortex.
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Referring to studies on Imaging of Cortical Spreading Depression (CSD), she noted that spreading depression triggers headaches by activating neuronal Panx1 channels.
But a wave of 'spreading depression' marked the moment that these neurons shutdown before their final, irreversible death.
Spreading depression (SD) is a wave of membrane depolarization that occurs in the brain and is accompanied with vascular changes.
Migraine aura consists of spells of reversible focal neurologic dysfunction which is explained by theory of cortical spreading depression.
A chemical process in the brain known as cortical spreading depression helps to explain the increased risk of stroke in migraine patients.
From the pathophysiological point of view, the association between migraine and AIWS may be explained by the neuronal effect of cortical spreading depression (CSD) on the abovementioned brain areas.
Migraine is thought to be a neurovascular disease, which is activated due to changes in the modulating nociceptive inputs from the raphe and locus coeruleus nuclei in the brainstem or a cortical spreading depression. Chronic migraine (CM) is defined as 15 or more headache days per month for at least 3 months, with 8 or more days per month fulfilling migraine criteria, in the absence of medication overuse, according to the International Headache Society (IHS).1 Many structural and functional changes take place in several cerebral areas involved in pain processing of patients with CM.
This study suggested that an electrophysiological event such as cortical spreading depression generated the aura in the human visual cortex.
Migraine attacks, like epileptic seizures, may be triggered by excessive neocortical cellular excitability; in migraine, however, the hyperexcitability is believed to transition to cortical spreading depression rather than to the hypersynchronous activity that characterizes seizures.
(2004) A Cacna1a knockin migraine mouse model with increased susceptibility to cortical spreading depression. Neuron 41: 701-710.
Spreading depression (SD) is the historical term used to describe intense neuronal and glial depolarization events that propagate within cortical or subcortical grey matter at a rate of 2-4 mm/min regardless of functional divisions or arterial boundaries [22].