spray-on skin

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'spray-on' skin

A polymer for covering superficial 2nd-degree burn wounds; SOS is no longer used as it is contraindicated in deep 2nd and 3rd degree burns–where it would have been most useful–due to ↑ superficial infections and non-adherence. See Artificial skin, Split-thickness graft.
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18 September 2014 - UK wound and skin care products supplier Crawford Healthcare Ltd said it had acquired US spray-on skin and wound treatments provider Touchless Care Concepts LLC without disclosing financial details.
ISLAMABAD -- A "spray-on skin" which coats a wound with a layer of skin cells could help healing, according to researchers.
A "spray-on skin" could become the new treatment du jour for open wounds and ulcers adding a layer of skin cells which could promote healing, according to U.S.
London, Aug 3 ( ANI ): A "spray-on skin" which coats an injury with a layer of skin cells could help healing, a new study has revealed.
The ReCell Spray-On Skin procedure uses a syringe nozzle to spray skin cells in a special suspension over the injury, scar or unappealing skin condition.
Remo Papini has been responsible for introducing such innovations as a spray-on skin, which enables surgeons to apply skin graft to young patients.
A TODDLER disfigured by burns has been given fresh hope - thanks to spray-on skin.
A burns victim, who became the first in the UK to be treated with spray-on skin, has been given the all-clear.
If you scrape your knee while rollerblading or skateboarding, you may soon forget about Band-Aids and reach for a can of spray-on skin. Researchers at Electrosols, a biotechnology company (uses living things to make products) in Oxford, England, have developed a medicinal spray that covers wounds and acts like new skin.
Published in The Lancet medical journal, the study demonstrated that the wounds treated with the newly developed 'spray-on skin' were more likely to heal in a shorter time, The Press TV Reported.
A spray-on skin cell technique has revolutionised the treatment of burns patients improving survival rates, a conference in Birmingham heard yesterday.