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characterized by spots.

spotted brown snake
see demansianuchalis affinis.
spotted dick
see dalmatian.
spotted emu bush
spotted fever
a febrile disease characterized by a skin eruption, such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, boutonneuse fever, and other human infections due to tickborne rickettsiae.
spotted fever tick
spotted fuschia
spotted gar
the fish Lepisosteus occulatus.
spotted-headed snake
spotted hemlock
spotted horse
spotted locoweed
spotted persicaria

Patient discussion about spotted

Q. after my husband and i have sex i have spotting and i have really bad cramps what could this be?

A. Hmm... I can think about several options, but it's not wise to try to diagnose people over the net. I think that seeing a gynecologist would be appropriate in this situation.

Meanwhile you can read more here, and here

Q. I would like to get more information about Alopesia Areata(hair losing,bald spots all over my head) Well the Alopesia Areata couses the hair falling in big spots all over the head,you start losing your hair in a diferent way than what it ussually is,the doctor told me there is treatment for it but it does not really works,he said that the only thing i can do is just wait between 6 and 18 months, and after all that time my hair should be growing back;but its so traumatic, tha i cant wait that long, i am only 25 years old , i have a life to live ,please help me,i know is not that bad but i cant help it, if anybody knows about some cure ,that really works , please let me know ,thanks.

A. Alopecia Areata is considered lately as an auto immune disease , that means your body is attacking your hair. this considered beyond treatment. but there are several ways of handling it- local anti immunic treatment and so forth, here is a good site about it:

Q. what is a purple spot on penis

A. could be some kind of hematoma- a bruise, blood vessels that bleed internally and caused a"papula". if you press it and it changes color to white- that could be it. if not, here are some more suggestions:

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It doesn't look like how I remember spotted dick," said Stan when it arrived.
Best of all were the puddings - the spotted dick was excellent and my friend thoroughly enjoyed it, but the ginger pudding stole the show.
There's the sumptuous spotted dick and custard room, the mouth-watering chocolate suite - or you can sample the sticky toffee, oriental ginger, syrup sponge and Lord Randall's rooms.
We sat outside the "chamber" until precisely 3pm, presumably to allow the spotted dick to clear the noble oesophagi before proceedings could begin.
Flintshire, let us remember, is the ultra-sensitive county council which was recently ridiculed across the world for seeking to rename Spotted Dick on its canteen menus.
Martina Hingis, 28, was Martina Haggis, Vince Spadea, 34, turned into Mince Spadea, former British star Greg Rusedski, 33, was Egg Rusedski and Dick Norman, 38, became Spotted Dick Norman.
Gary Rhodes might be able to cook the perfect spotted dick but it wasn't enough to save him from getting the boot as one of the biggest non-personalities of Strictly Come Dancing.
Kitchen staff got into the spirit of things by serving up old-fashioned food including toad in the hole and spotted dick.
I think I'd skip the finger-buffet; not to mention coq au vin, spotted dick, beef cobbler.
Now if only something can be done about spotted dick and bangers and mash.
The food is simple, but warming and comforting - especially the 'back to school' puddings, like spotted dick, jam roly poly and the deliciously gooey chocolate bread and butter pudding.
If you were a fan of Enid Blyton when you were a nipper you may remember that the Famous Five and the Secret Seven regularly washed up before sitting down to a spiffing spotted dick or other wholesome treat.