sportsman's groin

sportsman·'s groin

common U.K. name for occult hernia (q.v.).
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Surgeons and other medical specialists from Germany and other European countries address the anatomy of the anterior abdominal wall, the definition and terminology of hernia, diagnosis, the history of hernia surgery, repair principles and materials, hernia biomechanics, biological meshes, anesthesia, and pediatric hernia; adult inguinal hernia indications, choice of procedure, and techniques; special hernias, including female hernias, sportsman's groin, sliding hernia, recurrent hernia, umbilical hernia, femoral hernia, rare hernias, spigelian hernia, and internal hernias; incisional hernias and techniques; complications; and outcome research and training in hernia surgery.
In his private practice at Nuffield Health Cardiff & Vale Hospitals, Mr Ablorsu treats people with gallstones, hernia problems and pain from sportsman's groin. He specialises in keyhole hernia surgery which is quick and enables rapid recovery.
Other terms that have been used in the literature are: pubic inguinal pain syndrome, Gilmore's groin, incipient hernia, conjoint tendon lesion, posterior abdominal wall deficiency, and sportsman's groin. (2-6)
The British Hernia Society's 2014 position statement based on the Manchester Consensus Conference proposed eliminating the various terms such as athletic pubalgia, sports hernia, sportsman's groin, pubic inguinal pain syndrome, etc., and to replace them with the preferred term Inguinal Disruption (ID).
"I had surgery for a sportsman's groin - a common problem with many footballers - back in March," Pepper added.
A Scarlets spokesman said: "It's a condition known as sportsman's groin.
"The examination showed a so-called sportsman's groin, which I operated on," she said.