sports psychology

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sports psy·chol·o·gy

(spōrts sī-kolŏ-jē)
Study of emotional, motivational, and personality aspects of sport and exercise.
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It is a training manual for players and coaches alike as it covers a variety of topics, including sports psychology.
com)-- After years of envisioning a comprehensive performance program encompassing fitness, sports medicine, nutrition, and sports psychology as a team approach, Eric Heiden proudly announces the establishment of the Heiden Institute of Sports Science and Human Performance (Heiden Institute) located in Park City, UT.
Regular topics include articles on fitness, smart training, clean nutrition, organic diet, nutrition and lifestyle, muscle science, personal training, weight training, outdoor sports, yoga, Pilates, meditation, sports psychology, east-west medicine; THE BEST health and advice from fitness experts with a personal training emphasis.
11 (BNA): A course on applied Sports psychology and positive youth development through sports was tipped off today with 25 coaches from different sports organisations in Bahrain and the GCC taking part.
Bressie, 35, already has a Bachelor of Arts in Commerce and a Cert in sports psychology.
The partnership will include the players studying BTEC level 1,2 and 3 in sport at Eirias Park, Colwyn Bay including areas such as sports science, sports management, sports psychology and physiotherapy.
MERSEYSIDE-BASED cricket initiative Opening Up have teamed up with the sports psychology group POP to host a ground-breaking workshop aimed at improving cricketers' performance and resilience.
The Chicago Cubs and the Headshrinker: An Early Foray into Sports Psychology," Baseball Research Journal, 40(1) (2011): 42-5.
Getting angry on court] is the worse that can happen [to a player] if the player argues with other players or the referees, or the player is upset by his performance and puts himself off the optimal zone," says Dubai-based psychologist Martin Kramar, who also specialises in sports psychology.
Naveed Babar and Qurat: ul: Ain delivered the lectures and educated participants about coaching aspects of athletics such as coaching philosophy, anatomy and physiology, growth and development, skill teaching, bio: motor abilities, components of fitness, sensitive phases, energy system, sports psychology and sports injuries.
SPORTS psychology is probably one of the most misunderstood aspects of athletes' preparation in the country.
In fact, Rushall (1989) stated that sports psychology was the key to sporting excellence.