activity grading

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ac·tiv·i·ty grad·ing

(ak-tiv'i-tē grād'ing)
Incrementally changing the process, tools, materials, or environment of a given activity to increase or decrease performance demands gradually, and ultimately to ensure best performance.
Synonym(s): sport-specific training.
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The results showed footballers had higher BMC than swimmers and cyclists after one year of sport-specific training.
Often, runners focus on sport-specific training techniques, strength and flexibility training and aerobic conditioning--neglecting biomechanics and human physiology.
This is great news for athletes and athlete wannabes, who are looking for a more dynamic, sport-specific training program that may not be provided by conventional fitness gyms.
Part III, "Plyometric Programming," goes into complex training, sport-specific training, and season-long power maintenance.
Years of sport-specific training correlated with an athlete's sport competition level achieved (r = 0.
Traditionally, there is a heavy emphasis on sport-specific training, neglecting the need to achieve peak performance by developing all fitness components.
Considering the fact that popularity of climbing vastly increased, the necessity of providing knowledge related with the sport-specific training is apparent.
It provides coaches and players with specific instruction on assessment and exercises, offers sport-specific training regimens, and tells how to provide the best tools for achieving strength and competitive edge.
In conjunction with other measures such as eccentric strength training [2], anaerobic and sport-specific training [44] and cardio and strength training [1] the remaining studies also found a reduction of hamstring injuries.
A 7-wk sport-specific training regimen that targeted the spine and trunk improved throwing velocity by a moderate 6% in a randomized controlled trial of 17 female softball and 29 male Division III collegiate baseball players [2259].
The courses offered at IISM will provide students with a detailed understanding of the design and implementation of evidence-based, sport-specific training interventions.