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Lethal to spores.
[spori- + L. caedo, to kill]


Lethal to spores.
[spori- + L. caedo, to kill]


An agent that destroys bacterial and mold spores. Because spores are more difficult to kill than vegetative cells, a sporicide also acts as a sterilizing agent.
sporicidal (-ăl), adjective
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Akwaton, polyhexamethylene-guanidine hydrochloride-based sporicidal disinfectant: a novel tool to fight bacterial spores and nosocomial infections.
The need to develop natural preservatives with potential sporicidal ability or natural sporicidal agent which able to reduce the populations of Bacillus spores in rice or starchy foods has prompted the study in determining the sporicidal activity of tropical medicinal plants.
Peracetic acid (PA) is an efficient disinfectant with a wide spectrum of antimicrobial activities and due to its bactericidal, fungicidal, and sporicidal effectiveness within several minutes, the use of PA as a disinfectant for food has been drawing more attention in recent years [8].
To the best of our knowledge, nanoMgO as compared to copper, silver, Ti[O.sub.2], and different types of bactericides exhibits an efficient biocidal, sporicidal, and antiviral activity [19-22].
It is bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal, sporicidal and moistens, lubricates, debrides, and reduces the microbial load of lesions.
Operator exposure: should be minimised or eliminated when using oxidising sporicidal disinfectants.
"If someone in your home has CDI, disinfect the bathroom and all other solid surfaces with a 1-to-10 solution of bleach to water, or use sporicidal wipes," advises Dr.
Annex G was updated to add Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) as a decontamination agent, joining the ranks of other sporicidal agents, chlorine dioxide and formaldehyde.
This need for greater validation has certainly manifested in the sporicidal spray and wipe philosophy, which is now being replaced in many cases by validatable bio decontamination systems.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommended standards, which raise the bar for sporicidal disinfectant efficacy.
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