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adverb Occurring without intervention or external influence.


Medtalk Without treatment

Patient discussion about spontaneously

Q. what can be done for spontaneous hypothermia? is there a deficiency of hormones or anything that can be taken

A. hypothermia can be caused by al sort of things. Some bacterial infections, poisoning, aciduria , hypothyroidism and more. Is this the only symptom? I’m sure there are some others. But I think this could be a good idea to check up with a Dr.

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While occurrences are uncommon, these batteries can spontaneously overheat and pose a fire hazard risk, Delta added.
The investigators concluded, "PVI can predict dexmedetomidine-induced changes in blood pressure in spontaneously breathing patients.
LONDON - Tutankhamun's body may have spontaneously combusted due to a botched mummification, British scientists claim in a new programme to be broadcast Sunday.
Hard lumps of dried skin that appear spontaneously.
Toprak have caught fire spontaneously in front of the students and teacher's eyes in the classroom.
Under the right conditions spontaneously assemble themselves into a light-harvesting structure that produces an electric current.
It would spontaneously regress independently [of side].
Major Finding: In adolescents, ovarian cysts on the left side are 116 times less likely to resolve spontaneously than those on the right.
You see this happening throughout nature--from complex turbulence appearing spontaneously in fluid flow, to life processes driven by sunlight increasing in complexity, over billions of years, to do things like build houses.
The traffic lights in Penmaenmawr which appeared to spontaneously Combust Picture: MIKE KING
Spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) are characterized by an excessive sympathetic discharge in preand post-ganglionic nerves.
While in the scanner, the patients rated their pain levels, which fluctuated spontaneously.

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