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adverb Occurring without intervention or external influence.


Medtalk Without treatment

Patient discussion about spontaneously

Q. what can be done for spontaneous hypothermia? is there a deficiency of hormones or anything that can be taken

A. hypothermia can be caused by al sort of things. Some bacterial infections, poisoning, aciduria , hypothyroidism and more. Is this the only symptom? I’m sure there are some others. But I think this could be a good idea to check up with a Dr.

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That is it impossible to load the Columbiad, and that the pyroxyle will take fire spontaneously under the pressure of the projectile.
But it is a most singular fact, that he appears to have taught all his tribe some English: an old man spontaneously announced "Jemmy Button's wife.
Then, besides other qualities, we must try to find a naturally well-proportioned and gracious mind, which will move spontaneously towards the true being of everything.
And quite spontaneously the thought flashed across my mind: "She is gaining time
A higher body shalt thou create, a first movement, a spontaneously rolling wheel--a creating one shalt thou create.
Some knowledge of past events, for example what we learn through reading history, is on a par with the knowledge we can acquire concerning the future: it is obtained by inference, not (so to speak) spontaneously.
Their kind sentiments awaken spontaneously towards the interesting possessors of it.
The roof was mended, a kitchen maid was found--a crony of the village elder's--hens were bought, the cows began giving milk, the garden hedge was stopped up with stakes, the carpenter made a mangle, hooks were put in the cupboards, and they ceased to burst open spontaneously, and an ironing-board covered with army cloth was placed across from the arm of a chair to the chest of drawers, and there was a smell of flatirons in the maids' room.
People that like the same things always get along best together," she answered, with a triteness that concealed the joy that was hers at being so spontaneously in touch with him.
Once, I met him unexpectedly, about half-a-mile from my house, walking down the middle of a public street, attended by a pretty large crowd, and spontaneously exhibiting the whole of his accomplishments.
Two or three Collegians whom they passed, looked after them too, and presently joining Mr Chivery, formed a little group on the Lodge steps, in the midst of which there spontaneously originated a whisper that the Father was going to get his discharge.
and other expressions of astonishment which burst spontaneously from his lips, as he returned the fixed gaze of the one-eyed man.

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