spontaneous version

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the act of turning; especially the manual turning of the fetus in delivery.
bipolar version turning done by acting upon both poles of the fetus by either external or combined version.
cephalic version turning of the fetus so that the head is the presenting part.
combined version external and internal versions together.
external version that done using outside manipulation.
internal version that done using the hand or fingers inserted through the dilated cervix.
pelvic version version by manipulation of the breech (buttocks) of the fetus.
podalic version conversion of a more unfavorable presentation into a footling presentation.
spontaneous version one that occurs without aid from any extraneous force.
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spon·ta·ne·ous ver·sion

turning of the fetus effected by the unaided contraction of the uterine muscle.
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spon·ta·ne·ous ver·sion

(spon-tā'nē-ŭs vĕr'zhŭn)
Turning of the fetus effected by the unaided contraction of the uterine muscle.
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At this gestational age, spontaneous version is most likely to have occurred, and there is decreased risk of spontaneous reversion after the ECV All patients who are near term and found to have a fetus in a nonvertex presentation should be offered an ECV as long as there are no contraindications to the procedure.
External cephalic version and spontaneous version rates; ethnic and other determinants.
There was 1 intrauterine demise after a spontaneous version in the delayed group.

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