spontaneous recovery

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spon·ta·ne·ous re·cov·er·y

the return of the conditioned response, after apparent extinction, in the presence of the conditioned stimulus without the unconditioned stimulus also being present. See: classical conditioning.
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In this report, we have described familial congenital bilateral vocal cord paresis with spontaneous recovery during infancy in an Omani family.
Idiopathic sudden hearing loss: contradictory clinical evidence, placebo effects and high spontaneous recovery rate-where do we stand in assessing treatment outcomes?
The proposed research will provide critical insight into the biochemical and cellular mechanisms that regulate spontaneous recovery after SCI.
a) Visual prognosis is poor although a small proportion of patients have spontaneous recovery in the first year
On rare occasions, spontaneous recovery occurs; this recovery has been theoretically attributed to forceful coughing or retching.
For small fistulas detected early, a conservative treatment approach is preferred, as spontaneous recovery has been reported to occur in 5% of cases.
Follow-up at the end of 1year revealed spontaneous recovery of hearing with normal speech.
The decision to provide surgical intervention for the treatment of temporal nerve palsy will be highly dependent on the chance of spontaneous recovery.
This spontaneous recovery is one of the most robust effects reported in non-spatial learning tasks (Rescorla, 2004) and can be considered a failure of extinction retrieval, because good extinction retrieval produces low (or null) levels of response.
In spite of spontaneous recovery being common in dermatophytosis in cattle, it is advisable to treat valuable individual animal since it limits progression of existing lesions as well as spread to others within herd.
sup][5] Conservative treatment is still an important option of treatment in some selective patients with mild and rapidly spontaneous recovery symptoms.
While in most cases vision loss is permanent, a minority of patients show spontaneous recovery of visual acuity [4,6] by a mechanism that is not yet understood.

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