spontaneous recovery

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spon·ta·ne·ous re·cov·er·y

the return of the conditioned response, after apparent extinction, in the presence of the conditioned stimulus without the unconditioned stimulus also being present. See: classical conditioning.
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In Grade 4, axonal degeneration is coupled with loss of endoneurium, perineurium, and nerve fiber continuity; spontaneous recovery becomes less likely due to scarring (Table 1).
Challenges and Caveats for CET: Spontaneous Recovery, Reinstatement, Renewal, and Incomplete Extinction
The purpose of the study was to examine the ability of Magtein to affect the extinction and spontaneous recovery (SR) on conditioned taste aversion.
Again, the absence of behavior does not provide a meaningful way to determine the end of the postsurgical shock period or when to allow voluntary limb use in the spontaneous recovery process.
Because they have a high likelihood of spontaneous recovery, no imaging is indicated and reevaluation at 4-6 weeks is appropriate.
At this point in time, a 2-min pause from further US presentations and video recording was implemented; this pause was employed in hopes of observing spontaneous recovery of the habituated reflex.
His doctors are confident that as long as he gets his exercise there will be a spontaneous recovery and no further specific treatment is needed.
of Kansas Medical Center) compile 24 chapters on the biology of brain repair after stroke, in animal models of recovery and in spontaneous recovery in humans, including results of neuroimaging studies and treatment strategies based on brain repair principles.
The spontaneous recovery of aplastic anemia is seen extremely rare and disease mostly presents fatal if untreated.
While ALF evolves slowly, once it does occur a spontaneous recovery is unlikely; however liver transplantation offers an excellent survival rate.
The aim is to correct the disturbed mechanical balance in the affected upper extremity, when radial nerve recovery is no longer expected from spontaneous recovery or surgical repair.
There is growing interest in restorative therapies that can be administered during the first few months after stroke, the period within which we observe the greatest degree of spontaneous recovery of initial motor and cognitive deficits," Dr.

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