spontaneous recovery

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spon·ta·ne·ous re·cov·er·y

the return of the conditioned response, after apparent extinction, in the presence of the conditioned stimulus without the unconditioned stimulus also being present. See: classical conditioning.
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But in the present study, Vecuronium and Atracurium infusion rates were kept constant throughout the infusion and allowed for spontaneous recovery till TOF 3, because of differences in the duration of infusion and rate of infusion, which may affect the cumulative nature of Vecuronium over time and the difference in the time of giving reversal, there are difference in the results obtained between the studies.
An analysis of the IL-28B gene SNP rs12979860 genotype rate of occurrence revealed a strong association between the CC genotype and spontaneous recovery. Thus, in the group of patients with CHC, it was identified in 109 (35.3%), and with SC HCV in 33 (68.8%) persons (OR, 4.04 [95 % CI, 2.10-7.76]; p<0.001).
Six (5.8%) patients showed spontaneous recovery while rest of the patients were treated with one or more of the option mentioned above, at one time or more.
Neostigmine Administration after Spontaneous Recovery to a Train-of-Four Ratio of 0.9 to 1.0: A Randomized Controlled Trial of the Effect on Neuromuscular and Clinical Recovery.
"Scientists have known for many years that the lamprey achieves spontaneous recovery from spinal cord injury, but we have not known the molecular recipe that accompanies and supports this remarkable capacity.
In some cases, the shape of the hematoma is associated with the rate of spontaneous recovery. Nevertheless, the amount of hematoma cannot be used as a predictive factor for treatment.
Puranen, "Wooden foreign particles in the orbit - Spontaneous recovery," Acta Ophthalmologica Scandinavica, vol.
In patients with acquired CAH, spontaneous recovery without the need of a pacemaker, as was the case in our patient, is frequent.
Patients who demonstrate a primary radial nerve palsy have a reported spontaneous recovery rate of over 70% [7].
In the present study, we examined the potential effects of spontaneous recovery after chronic stress on spatial memory function and glutamatergic transmission in the hippocampus.
(1, 4) The decision was based on parental concerns, as well as the fact that the baby could be weaned from ventilator early, and the siblings had a spontaneous recovery of vocal cord mobility.
"The 12-month results suggest that many of the Cohort 2 subjects are seeing a durable clinical benefit above and beyond what you would expect to see from spontaneous recovery following a severe spinal cord injury," said CMO Edward.

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