spontaneous combustion

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spon·ta·ne·ous com·bus·tion

the ignition of a mass of material by heat developed within it by the oxidation of the substances composing it without external ignition.
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Quintero, J.A., Candela, S.A., Rios, C.A., Montes, C., Uribe, C., Spontaneous combustion of the Upper Paleocene Cerrejon Formation coal and generation of clinker in La Guajira Peninsula (Caribbean Region of Colombia), Int.
Hay bales and stacks that have more than 22 percent moisture content are at a higher risk of spontaneous combustion because the high insulation properties of hay keeps moisture locked in while heat builds up.
Supervisors failed to ensure materials saturated with cleaning agents were disposed of in accordance with MSDS requirements, and were not aware of the potential for spontaneous combustion. Additionally, it was discovered that supervisors failed to inform and enforce personal protective equipment (PPE) compliance during the oil clean up.
With enough heat, oxygen and fuel, spontaneous combustion happens.
Rags soiled with flammable liquids that are left on the floor may ignite through spontaneous combustion under the right circumstances.
Prior to this, Rubinek's efforts to produce a film had been so unsuccessful that he wanted some kind of immunity from spontaneous combustion before beginning a new venture.
While most are obviously folklore, if not outright frauds--snakes don't last long in a human stomach, and victims of spontaneous combustion tend to be unconscious drunks near open flames--the durability of these legends and the credulity of observers who should have known better make for fascinating, and cautionary, reading.
Here's why spontaneous combustion can occur: As the oil dries and changes from liquid to solid, it absorbs oxygen.
A careless employee leaves oily rags in the storeroom of your office building and spontaneous combustion occurs over the weekend.
"Spontaneous combustion [also called self-ignition] happens when a chemical combines with oxygen, and generates enough heat to set materials near it on fire," says William Berkowitz, a chemist at Queens College in New York.
The story concerns Theodore Wieland, whose father has died by spontaneous combustion apparently for violating a vow to God.
'The difference', 3520 executive Jay Boberg told the LA Times, between a conventional office building, which is conformist, and here is the difference between suffocation and spontaneous combustion.' In the dislocated downtown of Culver City, Moss and Smith envisage a creative, conscious society in perpetual growth.
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