spontaneous combustion

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spon·ta·ne·ous com·bus·tion

the ignition of a mass of material by heat developed within it by the oxidation of the substances composing it without external ignition.
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7 (f): Unless otherwise expressly stated in the policy this insurance does not cover coal, against loss or damage occasioned by its own spontaneous combustion.
She perished from what is called spontaneous combustion, and inflammation of the gases generated from the spirits absorbed into the system.
The CoalPlus portfolio of dust control binders and antioxidants enhances coal quality, reduces dust emissions and minimises spontaneous combustion, addressing operator safety and environmental compliance, two of the main challenges faced by utilities.
This suffocates the fire by preventing oxygen from supporting re-ignition as well as cooling the combustion source to below its spontaneous combustion level.
Spontaneous combustion of coal has been reported in different coalfields of the world (USA: Heffern et al.
And, thanks to half-hearted pyrotechnics, a sudden explosion in Miss Havisham's skirts would seem, to those who did not already know the ending, that she was the victim of spontaneous combustion.
It is also prone to spontaneous combustion, which can cause problems for shipping and storage.
Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion.
Chapters are in sections on spontaneous combustion and greenhouse gases, mineralogy and petrology, geophysics and modeling, geophysics and remote sensing, and coal fires and public policy.
Liability: The susceptibility to theft; liability to damage; propensity to damage other freight when transported; perishability; propensity to spontaneous combustion or explosion; and value per pound.
The main negative impacts on the environment included generation of acid water as a long-term process lasting for hundreds of years, and spontaneous combustion of the open mine heaps during a couple of tens of years after mining.
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