spontaneous combustion

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spon·ta·ne·ous com·bus·tion

the ignition of a mass of material by heat developed within it by the oxidation of the substances composing it without external ignition.
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Fire Prevention: Spontaneous combustion is a major cause of fire, and that requires vigilance.
It was reported that the president of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov emphasized the importance of comprehensive measures to prevent possible spontaneous combustion of crops and harvest.
UCL'S Adam Papaphilippopoulos sending University Challenge's poor announcer into spontaneous combustion every time he pressed his buzzer.
Volume 1 contains 19 chapters addressing coal formation, coal-mining techniques, and spontaneous combustion and coal petrology, for example, and a mix of technical issues and policy and environmental concerns.
Tuesday's explosion was caused by spontaneous combustion of factory produce, according to the police.
18, 2010, A SPONTANEOUS combustion occurred at South Bay Elementary School in the West Babylon (N.
Chester Crown Court heard how, in various parts of the country, his actions sparked panic among other drivers, who refused to sleep in their cabs at night because they feared there may be a fault which caused spontaneous combustion.
FEARS Anthony Keating from Whickham, is warning others about the dangers of spontaneous combustion after the cloth he was using to treat his kitchen bench with linseed oil caught fire
8 and took the First Nation 48 hours to suppress by coverage, started through spontaneous combustion.
The possibility of what is called Spontaneous Combustion has been denied since the death of Mr Krook; and my good friend Mr Lewes (quite mistaken, as he soon found, in supposing the thing to have been abandoned by all authorities) published some ingenious letters to me at the time when that event was chronicled, arguing that Spontaneous Combustion could not possibly be.
Of course driving a 4x4 this big will make you as popular with some people as spontaneous combustion but if your driving life demands traction over rough terrain without sacrificing comfort, the Land Cruiser LC4 delivers.
Jeff Smith, Bob Burk, MCIC, and Jeff Manthorpe, MCIC, wowed a crowd with demonstrations involving liquid nitrogen, flash paper, spoons made of gallium that melted in warm water, ice cubes that sank and spontaneous combustion of an M&M.
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