sponge tent

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1. a fabric covering for enclosing an open space, especially such a covering over a patient's bed for administering oxygen or aerosol by inhalation.
2. a conical, expansible plug of soft material for dilating an orifice or for keeping a wound open, so as to prevent its healing except at the bottom.
3. to elevate tissue in order to prevent adherence to underlying organs.
oxygen tent see oxygen tent.
sponge tent a conical plug made of compressed sponge used to dilate the ostium uteri.

com·pressed sponge

a sponge that is impregnated with a thin mucilage of acacia, wrapped with twine to the desired shape, and then dried; used to dilate sinuses, the os uteri, etc., by absorbing moisture after insertion.
Synonym(s): sponge tent

sponge tent

A plug made of compressed sponge that is placed in the cervical canal to dilate it.
See also: tent