sponge forceps

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sponge forceps

, sponge-holding forceps
A blunt-tipped forceps used to grasp tissues, esp. in gynecological procedures, without damaging tissue. They are often used to hold the uterine cervix, for example.
See also: forceps


pl. forcipes [L.] a two-bladed instrument with a handle for compressing or grasping tissues in surgical operations, and for handling sterile dressings, etc.

alligator forceps
strong toothed forceps having a double clamp. Long-handled with short jaws at the end of a long shank. Designed for grasping in an enclosed space, e.g. removing grass seeds from ear canals.
bayonet forceps
a forceps whose blades are offset from the axis of the handle.
bone-cutting forceps
have cutting blades and may be double-action.
bone-holding forceps
designed to grip bones or fragments.
capsule forceps
a forceps for removing the lens capsule in cataract.
clamp forceps
a forceps-like clamp with an automatic lock, for compressing arteries, etc.
dressing forceps
finger- and thumb-operated spring forceps used for general grasping of tissues, dressings; there is a great variety of tips available to the blades. Called also thumb forceps.
grasping forceps
includes tissue, sponge, towel, vulsellum forceps.
hemostatic forceps
used to clamp the ends of vessels and establish hemostasis or to cross clamp a vascular pedicle. See also crile hemostatic forceps, halsted mosquito forceps, kelly-murphy forceps, rochester-carmalt forceps.
obstetric forceps
forceps for extracting the fetal head from the maternal passages.
rongeur forceps
a forceps designed for use in cutting bone.
sponge forceps
thumb forceps
for holding tissue with the left hand while using another instrument in the right hand (or vice versa for the sinistral surgeon). Called also tissue forceps.
tissue forceps
includes adson tissue forceps, alligator forceps (see above), allis tissue forceps, babcock forceps, knowles forceps, rightangle forceps, vulsella.
towel forceps
spring clips with middle crossover and spring at end. Inward curving, sharp pointed tips. Used to fix drapes to tissue with minimal trauma. Also usable as light tissue forceps or rib approximators in small animals.
transfer forceps
a sterile grasping instrument, used to move surgical instruments, blades, needles and suture material to the instrument table at surgery.


a porous, absorbent mass, as a pad of gauze or cotton surrounded by gauze, or the elastic fibrous skeleton of certain species of marine animals.

sponge forceps
gelatin sponge (absorbable)
a spongy form of denatured gelatin, soaked with thrombin and used for topical hemostasis.