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split ring,

n a casting ring made of three parts and designed to take advantage of the maximal expansion of the investment.
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9, 2016), "Molding System and Method Having Dual Split Ring Plunger, "Andrew R Stodgel (Caterpillar Inc.
That's why others on the market incorporate a split ring between the hook eye and blade.
the complementary split ring resonator--CSRR [20]) should be applied to the transmission line to satisfy the impedance requirements.
The notch bands can be adjusted by changing the orientation of split rings or by changing positions of contacts (tapping positions) [C.
The reported absorber was designed using a resonant split ring resonator (SRR) absorber.
Technology used in collecting samples for the SP is working well; the SPRC "remains satisfied with the performance" of SIS and Amrac, which collect on-course data; split rings "present no problems," and there were no formal complaints about the workings of the SP operation in 2011.
Experimental springback data consist in measuring the ring gap, G, along straight lines connecting the two ends of the split rings, using a three-dimensional measuring machine as shown in Figure 10.
Sorolla, "Electroinductive waves role in left-handed stacked complementary split rings resonators," Opt.
Berkeley produces split rings for key rings, predominantly for use in the corporate gifts and promotional goods market, as well as metal and plastic buckles for leather goods, clothing, fashion and pet product manufacturers.
There are small split rings on each bracelet that charms can be put on to like you would keys on a keyring.
There are small split rings on each bracelet that charms can be put on to, like you would keys on a keyring, meaning they can be removed or changed as often as you like.