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split ring,

n a casting ring made of three parts and designed to take advantage of the maximal expansion of the investment.
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Three pieces of fishing line were cut and attached to a metal split ring.
Locking systems are based on elastic deformation of polyethylene, commonly using an internal split ring or multiple tabs.
Talley's vertically split rings have long been a favorite with custom gunmakers and are becoming more widely available.
A few years ago physicists devised a "metamaterial" -- an artificial composite material made of tiny rods and small split rings -- which had a very curious optical property.
But for cutting line, removing split rings and performing other fishing chores, a pair of specialized fishing pliers is a must-have.
The introduction of split rings at the likes of Royal Ascot and Ayr attracted criticism from some in the bookmaking fraternity.
Another one, or maybe two split rings at the treble hook end can alleviate this
Stainless Longline 0Bps, Swivels, Split Rings, Flags, Mainlines, Drops and much more.
The XT model features two 3X strong hooks, plus heavy-duty hook hangers and split rings.
Put two of them back to back on to the split rings top and bottom to increase the weight and thus make the spoon fish slower and deeper.
Experienced anglers generally inspect a bait before use and replace light wire hooks and split rings with heavier stainless steel models.
Make sure they have strong, forged hooks, heavy-duty split rings (or no split rings) and either thruwire or molded ABS construction.