splinter hemorrhages

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splin·ter hem·or·rhages

tiny longitudinal subungual hemorrhages typically seen in but not diagnostic of bacterial endocarditis, trichinosis, etc.

splin·ter hem·or·rhag·es

(splin'tĕr hĕm'ŏr-ăj-ĕz)
Multiple tiny longitudinal subungual hemorrhages under a fingernal or toenail, typically seen in but not diagnostic for bacterial endocarditis and trichinelliasis.
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Multiple subungual splinter hemorrhages developed alongside arterial events in some patients.
Splinter hemorrhages are caused by a disruption of blood vessels in the nail bed.
Splinter hemorrhages were seen in 12% and Beau's lines were observed in 14% cases.
Splinter hemorrhages are most often associated with endocarditis.