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1. Synonym(s): splenic
2. Fretfully surly.


(splĭ-nĕt′ĭk) also


Of or relating to the spleen.

sple·net′i·cal·ly adv.
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Our dissatisfaction with its conclusion may merely be a lack of familiarity with the terms and vocabulary of the journey, which orient themselves in an economic and moral philosophy that requires, first, self-deception and then a splenetic illness to dispel it: to hold in our heads both the sense that sees the deception and the sensibility that feels its value.
The Guardian described Griffith as a "radical film-maker whose splenetic manner undermined his effectiveness.
His introductory video is all serenity and hope, a deceptively calm way for many voters to meet a splenetic politician with a long history of slashing divisiveness and intolerance.
Over several decades, many of the charges of fraudulence (and the events of late 2009 were only the latest incident in a long line) had been unfair, and there was something profoundly unhelpful about the splenetic tactics so often deployed.
Best known at the time in his role as television critic for the Evening Standard newspaper, Lewis-Smith devotes a fair proportion of TV Offal to splenetic diatribes about television celebrities (there are 'Honest Obituaries' of the likes of Noel Edmonds and Dale Winton).
Most recently he vented his anger with a splenetic defense of atheism in The God Delusion, but now he has largely avoided rancor and has laid out the most striking evidence with such fascinating detail that the book is both scientifically exciting and completely convincing.
Additionally, he founded the Institute for Social Ecology in Vermont, which by all accounts is still thriving today, and was an indefatigable (if somewhat obsessive) polemicist who took on virtually all comers; those who raised his particular hackles included deep ecologists, neo-Malthusians, orthodox Marxists, and postmodernists, the latter written off with the memorable phrase "yuppie nihilists" in his splenetic 1995 work Re-enchanting Humanity.
In contrast to Roger Lewis's splenetic, vituperative biography of Anthony Burgess (2004), which cataloged its subject's flaws while ignoring the most "writerly" aspects of Burgess's phenomenally prolific life, Bradford's biography deftly makes Sillitoe's daily writing routine central, even in his introduction.
Far from launching into a splenetic outburst, 60% of managers actually let team members get away with false claims--and only 8% of employees have been caught and sacked.
f, veloce, ardente) The phobic pathetic bathetic splenetic schizophrenic ape, The fanatical implacable hypocritical paranoidal homicidal ape, The everyone-else-is-wrong-and-only-I-am-right tormentor-of-others man-to-mud-reverted ape,
1) This splenetic book ranges much farther afield than that, however.
In later years, Stiller Sr enjoyed a grand Indian summer playing George Costanza's splenetic, hair-trigger dad in 28 episodes of Seinfeld.