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, spatter (splat′ĕr) (spat′ĕr)
The airborne distribution of particles, e.g., during dental or surgical procedures.


To avoid exposure to potentially infectious agents or other hazardous particles during procedures in which splatter is anticipated, exposed personnel should wear protective equipment such as goggles, mask or faceshield, gowns, and gloves.


Colloq. for airborne particles larger than 10 mcm in diameter. Unlike aerosols, splatter is often visible after it lands on objects (e.g., spectacles, protective eyewear, dental uniforms, skin, hair, or other surfaces).
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If you drag parallel to the joists, the knife might bridge troughs between joists, leaving some splatters untouched.
I focused the lesson on the principles of design to give students a goal for their paintings and as a means to control the chaos of splatter painting.
Piercy agrees that some splatter is probably inevitable by the end of the school day.
He was later identified after a blood splatter was forensically analysed.
And the students even got the chance to splatter custard pies across the face of their teacher, Maggie Friswell - but they each had to pay pounds 1 for the privilege
Fine, except that chchchchchchch 2000 (named for a water sprinkler), hanging in the back of the gallery office, convened Pucci-esque splatters of lavenders, pinks, and periwinkles--and if Calame's folderol really is about the zesty pleasures of sheer opticality, then one wishes that someone would have had the gen erosity to put the Pucciness front and center where any viewer could have looked, said, Aw, pretty, and left it at that.
In all of these paintings, complex, interlocking forms suggestive of urban architecture and grid-plans are partly obscured by mysterious blurs and splatters of paint.
In Floor Painting, 1993, he covered the gallery floor with an extravaganza of splatters, drips, and pours in three shades of gray enamel with obvious reference to you know who.