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, spatter (splat′ĕr) (spat′ĕr)
The airborne distribution of particles, e.g., during dental or surgical procedures.


To avoid exposure to potentially infectious agents or other hazardous particles during procedures in which splatter is anticipated, exposed personnel should wear protective equipment such as goggles, mask or faceshield, gowns, and gloves.


Colloq. for airborne particles larger than 10 mcm in diameter. Unlike aerosols, splatter is often visible after it lands on objects (e.g., spectacles, protective eyewear, dental uniforms, skin, hair, or other surfaces).
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Even if these TV splatterings were actually produced by AK-47s, however, the demonstrations were still deceptive unless they also showed what ordinary guns will do to a melon, as an ABC News special did on January 24, 1990.
THE sister of a man accused of murdering a former kickboxing champion told a court she saw "blood splattering" from the victim's head.
Now designed with a hard rain of typographic blocks splattering its covers and plenty of freehand script, The Face always looks sharp, and it still has some of the best fashion pages in a non-fashion magazine (the sex bomb: Sean Ellis samples Lisa Yuskavage).
Shows extensive blood splattering to walls, floor and bedroom door frames.