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, spatter (splat′ĕr) (spat′ĕr)
The airborne distribution of particles, e.g., during dental or surgical procedures.


To avoid exposure to potentially infectious agents or other hazardous particles during procedures in which splatter is anticipated, exposed personnel should wear protective equipment such as goggles, mask or faceshield, gowns, and gloves.


Colloq. for airborne particles larger than 10 mcm in diameter. Unlike aerosols, splatter is often visible after it lands on objects (e.g., spectacles, protective eyewear, dental uniforms, skin, hair, or other surfaces).
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Shows blood splattering on walls, floor and bedding.
Tom Green swinging a newborn baby around by its umbilical cord, blood splattering all over hospital walls and the mother.
The FDA earlier this month gave its approval to begin marketing a disposable prophy angle for dental offices which significantly eliminates splattering of particulate matter.
With gray paint splattering their T-shirts and clothing, the teens said the graffiti removal project has been fun.
Spintech has developed a new disposable prophy angle which, extensive market testing indicates, significantly eliminates splattering of possibly dangerous saliva, blood and particulate matter.
Current technology typically causes splattering of possibly dangerous saliva and particulate matter.