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, spatter (splat′ĕr) (spat′ĕr)
The airborne distribution of particles, e.g., during dental or surgical procedures.


To avoid exposure to potentially infectious agents or other hazardous particles during procedures in which splatter is anticipated, exposed personnel should wear protective equipment such as goggles, mask or faceshield, gowns, and gloves.
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Colloq. for airborne particles larger than 10 mcm in diameter. Unlike aerosols, splatter is often visible after it lands on objects (e.g., spectacles, protective eyewear, dental uniforms, skin, hair, or other surfaces).
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Asked whether McMahon said anything about the book he replied: 'He said there was blood splattered on it from somebody he had killed.'
SPLATTERED: An aide attempts to remove the egg from Arnold Schwarzenegger's coat yesterday
Well the strain of it must have driven her to drink because here she is splattered across the front pages last week drunk as a skunk.
This should be front-page news, wit Bunn's photo splattered eve such luck.
On their computer, Landman and his colleagues have also splattered gold clusters against nickel to model the molecular dynamics of gold-plating processes.
The Lia Fail, an ancient standing stone on top of the Hill of Tara, was splattered with red and green paint.
Officers were not amused at the sight of the burger splattered across their car and promptly arrested 22-year-old Alex Thomas Gleeson of Flint.
Holyrood has barely been open a week and already its pounds 400million walls have been splattered by protesters chucking paint.
And they are silent when troops empty their machine guns into a car carrying a woman who had to deal with the sight of the mangled bodies of her children splattered about her.
Splattered around the room, heroic in scope, and sometimes deliberately silly, "After Lives" presents a choreographed pageant of chaos.
He woke up one morning to discover a kerosene bomb planted in his trash can; red paint splattered across the exterior of his West Hollywood, Calif., house; and this message attached to his mailbox: "In the name of God, the merciful, the compassionate, burn the satanic movie or you will be dead." Soler became the subject of an FBI investigation, a case that is still open.
The bodies were found lying next to a slide splattered with blood and a broken concrete bench that apparently had been used to kill the boys.