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, spatter (splat′ĕr) (spat′ĕr)
The airborne distribution of particles, e.g., during dental or surgical procedures.


To avoid exposure to potentially infectious agents or other hazardous particles during procedures in which splatter is anticipated, exposed personnel should wear protective equipment such as goggles, mask or faceshield, gowns, and gloves.
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Colloq. for airborne particles larger than 10 mcm in diameter. Unlike aerosols, splatter is often visible after it lands on objects (e.g., spectacles, protective eyewear, dental uniforms, skin, hair, or other surfaces).
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Liven up plan sofas or beds with these fabulous splatter effect cushions by Oliver Bonas.
Four other candidates whose billboards were splattered with red paint declined to comment publicly when contacted by the GDN, saying they feared follow-up attacks if they spoke out.
If you drag parallel to the joists, the knife might bridge troughs between joists, leaving some splatters untouched.
The next step was to drip, pour, and splatter paint over the entire surface of the tagboard.
Wearing goggles (and a shower cap) is a good idea whenever you're painting a ceiling because the paint will splatter all over your face and hair.
Wearing goggles (and a shower cap) is a good idea whenever you''re painting a ceiling because the paint will splatter all over your face and hair.
On the one hand it's not quite gory enough for fans of splatter horror and, on the other, never fully develops the theme of a schoolmaster being broken by the students he is trying to teach.
According to the company, PerfectPearl assists with both cleaning and polishing, the latex-free cup offers less splatter and good flare for optimal subgingival cleaning, and the spiral grooves in the soft cup help push paste toward the tooth, reducing splatter and assisting with stain removal.
Summary: Anti-government protesters are donating their own blood as part of a plan to splatter the Thai government headquarters.
And even though the movies usually go direct to DVD or TV, they have been popular enough for him to enjoy one of the busiest spells of his life, with Lost Boys 3and Splatter,anew internet horror series from Gremlins director Joe Dante.
Washington, October 9 (ANI): In a new study, scientists used advances in DNA sequencing technology to determine that the bug splatter on a car's windshield may be a treasure trove of genomic biodiversity.
Bullet strikes on the target produce an intense white splatter effect, even in the red bullseye.