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An acronym for Sonotherapy Prevention of Late Arterial In-Stent Hyperplasia
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But instead of steam, water comes splashing out of this train's smokestack, Splashing down on happy kids.
Therefore, the reality is that Labour's big ``tax and spend on a whim'' policy is riding the wave it has created; and waves always come splashing down.
It is a place where God is working, so that church doors, once bolted and daily covered with crude graffiti, are now "spray-painted with a bright mural [that] shows an open fire hydrant with water splashing down into a baptismal font.
However, an asteroid or comet splashing down in the shallow sea off ancient Mexico could have instantly vaporized enough carbonate sediments to boost carbon dioxide to the higher concentration.
The 15-year-old station is expected to fly over Japan and Australia on its final orbit before splashing down in the ocean about 1,850 miles east of New Zealand's southern tip.