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An acronym for Sonotherapy Prevention of Late Arterial In-Stent Hyperplasia
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The results show that the Patriot radar tracked the incoming TBM, observed the missile breakup upon reentry, and distinguished the missile's payload from other missile debris that splashed down.
Arista recording artist Dido has splashed down on both sides of the Atlantic with worldwide chart-topping debuts for her long-awaited second album, LIFE FOR RENT, it was announced today by Antonio "L.
It was meant to be the centrepiece of celebrations to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of North Korea founder Kim Il-sung but splashed down in Korea Bay just 60 seconds after it was launched.
The launch was headed by former NASA subcontractor and Director of the Planetarium at the Inishowen Maritime Museum, Mr Ash C McFadden who has asked us to point out that the rocket splashed down at its pre- determined landing site away from spectators after activating its two parachutes.
Bonds' home run Tuesday splashed down in McCovey Cove beyond the right-field wall, the 15th homer in the ballpark's 1 1/2-year history to end up wet.
Clegg, whose party splashed down at 23 per cent support and a reduced number of MPs, found himself in the role of kingmaker with both big parties wanting him to prop up their government.
Dutiful officials wanted to know what the trio had brought back when they splashed down in the Pacific after the lunar landing on July 21.
When the blue made it's single breach and splashed down with a 500-pound thud, it was the single scariest, most thrilling, most mind-numbing feeling I've ever known.
Woods first splashed down on the controversial Seve Ballesteros-designed hole during his Ryder Cup debut three years ago.
TIRED Richard Branson splashed down in the Pacific last night, and told his HQ: "This is a ridiculous way to spend Christmas.
The United States sent two aircraft carriers and other warships to the region to deter a possible Chinese attack, but Friday the White House preferred to focus on the announcement that the four Chinese ballistic missiles that splashed down near Taiwan's ports over eight days would be the last.