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An acronym for Sonotherapy Prevention of Late Arterial In-Stent Hyperplasia
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Similar to the Space Shuttle SRBs, the Ares first stage recovery system will consist of a cluster of three main parachutes deployed simultaneously during re-entry to Earth atmosphere prior to splash down in the ocean.
The most adventurous kids splash down into the shark cage for a closer look.
But we'd rather splash down on the Wedge, a watery free-fall that sends riders over the edge of a 50-foot slope set 100 feet above Raging Waters.
2 on Jupiter, will journey to St Andrews today and then splash down yesterday.
Reed and a few other engineers felt there should be a more dignified way to land a spaceship than having to splash down in the ocean.
Designed to travel at speeds of more than 40 mph, the 20-passenger boats will crest the falls and plunge at a 50-degree angle creating a "tidal wave" of water as they splash down into a pool drenching riders and spectators alike.
CRUISING at a height of several feet with a police escort is the fuselage of the jet that spectacularly splash down into New York's Hudson River.
Norman Schwarzkopf, front center, and ``Jurassic Park'' film star Jeff Goldblum, behind and right, splash down at ride's end.