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Martha Spurrier, director of civil liberties group Liberty, said: "There is a clear link between spit hoods and deaths in custody, and using them on children should be unthinkable.
They are only fitted to a person who has already spat or who threatens to spit.
The force says the new spit guards being issued are made from a loosefitting, net-like material with a reinforced section around the jawline to prevent spitting and biting.
these paan chewing people never understand how people feel when they spit in public (sic).
My mother walked ahead of us with my younger brother, and so she arrived at one of the ends of the spit before the rest of us.
A 2012 paper indicated that fish shooting at a nearby target could time their spit so that the water glob forms shortly before the stream smacks prey.
Let's hope the culprits take heed now and think before they spit.
She kicked one of the officers in the leg, refused to calm down and tried to bite and spit at them, forcing them to put limb restraints on her.
The ban is being proposed by politicians who say many public buildings and public property have been damaged by the spit.
Bus drivers in the West Midlands have been provided with mini DNA kits to assist police in tracking people that spit at the drivers or fellow passengers.