spiritual distress

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physical or mental anguish or suffering.
respiratory distress see adult respiratory distress syndrome and respiratory distress syndrome of newborn.
risk for spiritual distress a nursing diagnosis accepted by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, defined as being at risk for an altered state of harmonious connectedness with all of life and the universe in which dimensions that transcend and empower the self may be disrupted.
spiritual distress
1. discomfort related to religious, intellectual, or cultural concerns.
2. a nursing diagnosis approved by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, defined as disruption in the life principle that pervades a person's entire being and that integrates and transcends his or her biological and psychosocial nature. The person experiencing spiritual distress may express concern with the meaning of life and death, question the meaning of suffering or of his or her own existence, verbalize inner conflict about beliefs, express anger toward God or other Supreme Being (however defined), or actively seek spiritual assistance.

spiritual distress

Disruption in the life principle that pervades a person’s entire being and that integrates and transcends one’s biological and psychosocial nature.

risk for spiritual distress

At risk for an altered sense of integration with life and the universe in which dimensions that transcend and empower the self may be disrupted.
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78 Spiritual distress Continuous: 17 items Measured on a four- (SDS) Elevations [greater point Likert-type than or equal to] scale ranging from 1 25 on spiritual = almost never to 4 distress =almost always.
It is important for a doctor to be willing to listen, recognise spiritual distress and refer as necessary.
The hope is that nurses will use this information in the recognition and treatment of spiritual needs or spiritual distress in children and their families.
Rather, I would describe my viewing experience as aesthetic and spiritual distress over having been exposed to prolonged scenes of graphic violence.
Piles argues that "spiritual help is different from emotional support even though spiritual distress is often made manifest by the emotions.
As a result of this wholistic assessment, patient problems related to unmet basic needs, illness/disease, lack of fitness, over/under nutrition, psychological/emotional problems, stress overload, lack of social support, spiritual distress, destructive relationships, cultural restrictions and environmental/occupational distress can be identified (Identifying Problems Section, Figure 1).
Norman Birnbaum, otherwise a sensible social democrat, argued that "one general condition under which intellectuals were induced to ally themselves with the labor movement" was if there was "some form of systematic economic or spiritual distress affecting the educated directly.
Further, many who seek help for physical, emotional, or interpersonal problems are also in spiritual distress.
Some of these changes include the enunciation of nursing responsibility for spiritual care by the International Council of Nurses, Code of Ethics,[8] the publication of Standards for Holistic Nursing Practice by the American Holistic Nurses Association[8] and the development of a nursing diagnosis of Spiritual Distress by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association.
Perhaps this psychic clash between the private self and the public self helps explain why Simon's tragicomic plays, particularly the ones covered during the book's time frame, often depict a frantic way of life in which urban middle-class characters shore up their spiritual distress and neurosis through one-line quips.
The individual suffering from spiritual distress appears bored because he or she views no action as meaningful.
The interviews in Habits of the Heart constitute an elaborate physiology of American spiritual distress.