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The flake platform was a broken spiral fracture plane indicating that the flake was struck after the bone was initially broken.
Captions: FIGURE 1: (a) Radiograph of the right upper extremity with obliquely orientated lucency through the distal humeral metadiaphysis with associated soft tissue swelling that is consistent with a nondisplaced spiral fracture. (b) Follow-up radiograph of right upper extremity with ongoing interval healing of the right spiral fracture of the middistal diaphysis of the right humerus with surrounding periosteal new bone/callus formation.
Gavin Henson suffered a spiral fracture to his leg - where the bone twists before breaking - when he was 17 and spent a year out of the game.
Fosamax can also cause a sudden spiral fracture in a patient's shinbone, as commonplace microfractures accumulate and fail to heal due to the limited blood flow caused by Fosamax.
The 33-year-old suffered a spiral fracture of his left fibula during the battling 3-2 win over Luton on Easter Monday.
Second rower Parker is facing a four to six week lay-off with a spiral fracture to his hand and prop Wood will be out for two to three weeks with knee medial ligament damage.
Lennox had a spiral fracture to one leg and cuts to his paw.
The article also excluded the injured man, Richard Sawyer, a locomotive engineer who suffered a dislocated ankle and a spiral fracture to the fibula--and missed months of work as a result--after he slid into a base that was supposed to break away on impact but didn't because the city hadn't followed the manufacturer's instructions for maintaining these fixtures properly, according to Kevin Garrison, Sawyer's lawyer.
Luckily, the break was in a spiral fracture and I didn't need any plates or screws, so they just slapped a cast on my leg, gave me some Motrin, and I was on my way.
Type II: Two-part fractures: (A) transverse fracture; (B) spiral fracture with the lesser trochanter attached to the proximal fragment; (C) spiral fracture with the lesser trochanter attached to the distal fragment.
I was introduced to Joshua late one weekend night by the emergency room doctor who called to let me know that this young boy had a "spiral fracture" of his femur (the large bone of the leg) and that child abuse was strongly suspected.
Mary Smith, who lives in Co Fermanagh, is left forever with a painful spiral fracture, unable to return to the work she loved.