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1. [Gr.] a combining form denoting relationship to a coil or spiral.
2. [ L.] a combining form denoting relation to the breath or to breathing.


, spir-
1. Coil, coil-shaped.
2. Breathing.


, spir-
1. Combining forms meaning coil, coil-shaped.
2. Combining forms meaning breathing.
[G. speira]
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Sheikh Ahmed bin Jas- sim Al-Thani, director generalof Al Jazeera, said: "We've launched this channel because we want to seeAl Jazeera's spir- it towards journalism accessi- ble to as many people in as many tongues across the world as possible.
My wife played rounders - it's a different way of spending your birthday but we've all enjoyed it." The Ramgharia Sikh temple, in Foleshill Road, provided Langar (free food) which was served throughout the day in the true spir- it of the Sikh faith.