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An exercise performed on a stationary bicycle adjusted to various resistance, simulating different road pitches
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If a customer is interested in Rieter spinning machines, the possibility exists to carry out trials from the fiber to the yarn and even further to the end product with their own individual raw material, and this especially where rare areas of application or new spinning processes are concerned.
3 : to make (yarn or thread) from fibers <She was spinning yarn from wool.
The first spin recovery method to come about as a result of an empirical exploration of spinning came from the U.
When a disk is viewed edge-on from Earth, material heading toward the back side of the black hole recedes from our planet, while material spinning toward the front approaches us.
In spite of significant developments and refinements of the system, following the commercial acceptance of the Open-end spinning, many new spinning systems were developed, some of which have gained popularity.
The spinning moment is more extended and blurred, but I'm also fascinated by the peak moment.
Besides a positive climate for labor substitution, commercial expansion encouraged industrial leaders to tinker with prevailing notions of work and gender--to break the link of man to the loom and woman to the spinning wheel.
The room-temperature spinning process works because the polymer chains get knotted up during spinning.