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An exercise performed on a stationary bicycle adjusted to various resistance, simulating different road pitches
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The new EliTeA(r) is the most utilized and versatile compact spinning system with new innovative components further boosting productivity and yarn quality.
Cross-sectional shapes of the acrylic fibers are diffusion controlled, and are dependent upon the fiber spinning parameters such as solution temperature at spinneret, coagulation bath temperature, coagulation bath composition, solvent, nonsolvent, and polymer composition.
Why bother figuring out how fast a black hole is spinning? What do we hope to learn that will justify the effort?
From Novartis's perspective, the advantages of spinning out the project to Speedel and using the flexible resources of Solvias are obvious: the spin-outs rapidly brought to commercialization a product that Novartis had failed to develop in house, and did so without exhausting internal R&D resources.
When a disk is viewed edge-on from Earth, material heading toward the back side of the black hole recedes from our planet, while material spinning toward the front approaches us.
Lester Kasai dropped into a six-foot method air and shot into what would later be dubbed a Drill Bit, spinning twice as fast, much, much more inverted, then entering on the same coping block.
Tops and diabolos were introduced to Europe in 1700 and many villages kept a large spinning top in the square.
After the Industrial revolution (1764-1784) Mule Spinning gained attention throughout the world.
In example after example (this book is a catalog of spin anecdotes) the results of spinning are often far from benign.
The Spin Sweep has always been a big single-wing play and it works just as well from our Gun, especially with the QB spinning and diving into the off-tackle hole to freeze the linebackers (Diag 5).