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An MRI term for the property (spin) exhibited by atomic nuclei containing an odd number of protons and/or neutrons.


Abbreviation for:
Sandwell Public Information
Social Phobia Inventory
speech perception in noise
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Patient discussion about spin

Q. Is this Vertigo? When I stand on high places and look down and feel very dizzy. Is this vertigo?

A. Vertigo is often confused with a fear of heights. However, the dizzy feeling when you look down from a high place is not the same as vertigo, which can occur at any time and may last for many years.
Vertigo is more severe than dizziness, which is often experienced as a feeling of light-headedness when you stand up. Vertigo can make moving around difficult, as the sensation of spinning affects your balance.

Q. What causes Vertigo? My friend says she has vertigo and suffers from dizzy spells every now and then. Is this physiological or physical?

A. Vertigo is most commonly caused by a problem with the balancing mechanism in the inner ear. This is a coiled tube of fluid that lies behind the eardrum called the labyrinth. Viral infections such as a common cold or flu can spread to the labyrinth (labyrinthitis). Less commonly, labyrinthitis is caused by a bacterial infection of the middle ear (otitis media). Vertigo caused by an ear infection usually starts suddenly, and may be accompanied by a painful ear and high temperature.
Vertigo can also occur because of:
Arthritis in the neck, Migraines, Poor circulation, Motion sickness and over-breathing (hyperventilation), Alcohol and certain drugs.

Q. What Is The Difference Between Dizziness and Vertigo? I have really bad dizziness problems, and my doctor wrote down that I have "true vertigo". What is the difference between vertigo and dizziness?

A. Vertigo is a term that means there is a feeling as if in a spin. Dizziness describes any lack of stableness, not necessarily a true spinning sensation. There are two types of vertigo: subjective and objective. Subjective vertigo is when a person feels a false sensation of movement. Objective vertigo is when the surroundings will appear to move past a person's field of vision.

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