spinal tap

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1. a quick, light blow.
2. to drain off fluid by paracentesis.
spinal tap lumbar puncture.
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lum·bar punc·ture (LP),

a puncture into the subarachnoid space of the lumbar region to obtain spinal fluid for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.
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spinal tap

Lumbar puncture, see there.
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lum·bar punc·ture

(lŭm'bahr pŭngk'shŭr)
A puncture into the subarachnoid space of the lumbar region to obtain spinal fluid for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.
Synonym(s): rachicentesis, rachiocentesis, spinal tap.
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spinal tap

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This is Spinal Tap charted a troubled tour by the fictional British band, in which Shearer plays bassist Derek Smalls.
Using the developed sensors, the researchers carried out a proof-of-concept clinical study on 34 MS patients and 17 healthy volunteers and found that the developed sensors are just as accurate as a spinal tap but without the pain or the risk of side effects.
It really was Spinal Tap but it was great!'' Deep Purple play Birmingham LG Arena with a symphony orchestra on November 27.
However, there are a few babies every once in a while who are actually diagnosed with meningitis, which can only be diagnosed via spinal tap. These children may present with fever with no other symptoms, and if antibiotics are not initiated immediately, can deteriorate rapidly.
Robin Turner Every rock cliche there is: Many rock bands have feared they were the inspiration for the classic rock spoof This is Spinal Tap.
The data indicate that the central nervous system recycles half its supply of amyloid-beta about every 6 hours, says Bateman, who volunteered for the first spinal tap in the study.
And, like Spinal Tap, it's made by people who radiate a passion for their subject.
Belfer suggested "tapping" the child with a first febrile seizure because of the possibility of meningitis ("Use of Spinal Tap for Febrile Seizures Selectively," May 2002, p.
"A spinal tap showed there was a serious problem and John and Vinnie decided to have him scanned at great expense.
Plagued by ever-changing drummers exploding in the Spinal Tap tradition, the partnership of guitarist Jon Ginoli and bassist Chris Freeman has finally evolved into the four-piece that Pansy Division needs to be.
I would probably try other tests, including evoked responses and examinations of fluid obtained by spinal tap. Changes consistent with MS in either of these areas would help establish diagnosis.