spinal stroke

spi·nal stroke

abrupt onset of focal spinal cord dysfunction caused by a disturbance in its blood supply.
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FOOTBALL stars have rallied round a young player after he was left paralysed by a rare spinal stroke.
Doctors diagnosed a fibrocartilaginous embolism, a sudden blocking of an artery which in turn led to a spinal stroke, causing the cord to tear.
ISLAMABAD -- A spinal stroke occurs when the blood supply to the spinal cord is cut off.
Hilton Armstrong is 'a tough and determined litigator' with 'excellent judgement'; he acted for a client who suffered from a spinal stroke following a walk-in clinic's failure to diagnose the client's ailment correctly and provide adequate treatment; the claim was settled before trial.
When a spinal stroke left his dog paralyzed, Travis Yates was told she would never walk again.
Jasper, five, who had a spinal stroke in 2014, is a patient at the Neurokinex Kids centre, which offers pioneering therapy for spinal cord injuries.
Riona Kelly, 37, was left paralysed from the belly button down after a spinal stroke.
It was initially feared Danielle, from Saughall Massie, had meningitis or Guillain-Barre syndrome, but tests showed she had suffered a spinal stroke caused by a blood clot in her neck.
Luke suffered a spinal stroke on New Year's Eve in 2015 and has inspired his friends to fundraise towards lifesaving treatment.
Alan Titchmarsh and his team transform the garden of Caroline Hall, a 39-year-old who had a near fatal spinal stroke and has been left mostly confined to a mobility scooter.