spinal stroke

spi·nal stroke

abrupt onset of focal spinal cord dysfunction caused by a disturbance in its blood supply.
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He recruited her to return to work after she suffered a spinal stroke, because he was already familiar with her abilities.
Following a rare spinal stroke, Les, from Blaydon, was left with paralysis from the chest down, but as a resident of Chase Park he received over eight months of specialist rehabilitation, therapy and nursing care.
Les Holmes of Blaydon, Gateshead, suffered a rare spinal stroke and spent eight months in the centre before being transferred home with support from the facility.
Television Host and Icon of Sports Fishing and Hunting Suffers Spinal Stroke
Miller, who had a 30-year nursing career before joining the salon as a licensed massage therapist, was stricken with a rare spinal stroke in January, and was paralyzed from the rib cage down.