lumbar puncture needle

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lum·bar punc·ture nee·dle

a needle, provided with a stylet, for entering the spinal canal or cisterna magna, with a bore of at least 1 mm and 40 mm or more in length.
Synonym(s): spinal needle
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(1) Several risk factors for PDPH have been described including larger needle size, cutting needle type, atraumatic tap, and not re-styletting the spinal needle prior to withdrawal.
Conclusion: Our results support single port LNAR of inguinal hernia using spinal needle as safe, reliable and effective technique with a high parents satisfaction as compared to three port technique.
Efficacy of the needle-free injection of local anesthesia for reducing the pain associated with other cutaneous procedures that involve intravenous catheter placement, digital ring block, fine-needle aspiration biopsy or spinal needle insertion was previously reported and it was shown that it significantly reduced patients' perceived pain intensity.5-10,21
A few were done with 16 and 18 G spinal needle and 21G syringe needle.
Orientating the bevel of the standard spinal needle parallel versus perpendicular to the fibers of the cauda equina has been shown to reduce the risk of postprocedure headache.
[1,2] After introduction of thinner spinal needle, the incidence of PDPH is grossly reduced.
For spinal anaesthesia lumbar puncture was performed with 25 guage Quincke back spinal needle. Presence of spinal needle in subarachanoid space was confirmed by free flow of cerebrospinal fluid.
Contrast radiography, fluoroscopy, electrical stimulation of the spinal cord through a nerve stimulator, and ultrasound-guided spinal needle placement have been described in humans and dogs [9-14]; however, some of these techniques are often poorly applicable due to the need of specialized equipment, and all of them present several limitations.
The company's new SureBlock Collection includes spinal anesthesia full medication kits, safety kits, and intermediate and basic sets, all featuring the Sprotte spinal needle, which has been clinically proven to minimize the incidence of postdural puncture headaches.
It has also been suggested that discarding a few drops of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from the spinal needle before injecting the local anaesthetic into the subarachnoid space may help in clearing the needle of tissue cores (1).
Maryann and her husband learned that her infection, which necessitated the fusion surgery, was caused by the only object which penetrated C4-C5 during her first surgery was a spinal needle, which was used to identify the "exact area" where the surgery was to take place.

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