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spin-echo (SE)

a magnetic resonance pulse sequence in which echoes are generated by rephasing spins in the transverse plane using radiofrequency pulses or magnetic field gradients.
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The magnitude of the spin-echo signal for the oil was increased with increase in the styrene content of the polymer.
This means that the spin-echo signal amplitude is reduced to 1/3 and the minus sign means that the echo signal is inverted.
In summary, T2-weighted sequences in body MRI are typically performed with a fast spin-echo sequence.
Coronal proton density-weighted, fat suppressed, turbo spin-echo (2500/14, TF 5), 3.
However, this limitation can be overcome by obtaining preinjection spin-echo images.
Breath-hold MR cholangiopancreatography with a long-echo-train, fast spin-echo sequence and a surface coil in chronic pancreatitis.
Our aim was to determine entire BA plaques with a three-dimensional volumetric isotropic turbo spin-echo acquisition (VISTA) and investigate the differences between the patients with and without isolated pontine infarction (IPI).
5 Tesla) MRI scanner unit with the following sequences: T1-weighted spin-echo (T1-SE; TR 420, TE 15 ms), with 3mm contiguous coronal slices; T2-weighted spin-echo (T2-SE; TR 3610, TE 111 ms), with 3mm contiguous coronal slices; and a sagittal T1 acquisition.
Routine 2-dimensional imaging of the knee includes fast spin-echo (FSE) T2- and/or FSE proton density (PD)-weighted coronal and sagittal sequences, with or without fat suppression.
The initial experimental suite will include instrumentation for small angle neutron scattering (SANS), moderator studies, radiography, and zero-field spin-echo SANS.
High T2-weighted (5,200/100/1) axial and coronal spin-echo imaging identified a mass lesion that was surrounded by a CSF-filled sac in the right lateral recess of the sphenoid sinus; the sac projected through the defects in the lateral wall.