Spin Doctor

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Vox populi noun A non-physician—political press agent or publicist—who puts a twist—‘spin’—on an issue or data to colour the results in such a way as to make data, an opinion or argument appear plausible verb To re-formulate or re-interpret information to make it more palatable or less controversial to the audience
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Sadly, CJ Puno has this perception of spin doctors that is not based on hard reality.
La especificidad del "spin doctor" es que actua y trabaja de la misma manera.
Rachid Mtaini, regional managing director at Havas Worldwide, Middle East, adds: "We are by default 'spin doctors' - manipulation or no manipulation.
Spin Doctor was initially outraged the Speaker would view punishing Cabinet members as his responsibility.
"I find myself getting into this zone of impatience and nastiness and it usually happens in the kitchen at home." Peter is keen to make clear that Tucker is not - contrary to popular myth - based on Labour's former spin doctor, Alistair Campbell.
IN RECENT years spin doctors have been thrust from the shadowy corners of British politics and into the unwelcome spotlight of comic scrutiny.
It emerged Gavin Yates - the Scottish Labour leader's third spin doctor in 10 weeks - panned her in an internet blog.
Nowadays, it seems that no public figure is trusted or is able to face the press without a spin doctor holding their hand and feeding them lines.
Another of his concerns with the title of spin doctor ( a job description made infamous by New Labour and Alastair Campbell ( is the way his industry has allowed itself to be labelled in such a way.
In Perkins' book, we test our skills on real world issues and learn how to untangle the logical knots presented by a masterful spin doctor. To Perkins' credit, while he clearly intends to humor us with mild ridicule of Limbaugh's pompous self-righteousness, his own critique only pokes holes in the logical arguments of the man who says he can whip liberals with "half his brain tied behind his back." Perkins' intent is clearly not just to entertain but to motivate us as to why and how we all should become better critical reasoners.
For the most part, the jobs are challenging, but being a Caseworker or Spin Doctor will also entail a great deal of whining about being underutilized.
BRITISH Prime Minister Theresa May has hired a BBC executive as her chief spin doctor at No10.