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An exercise performed on a stationary bicycle adjusted to various resistance, simulating different road pitches
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In order to produce layers with controllable thicknesses, the most suitable and retained technique for the remainder of this study was the spin casting, which uses centrifugation to evenly distribute a volume of solution on a sample.
Detroit-based Pinnacle Technologies, a full-service rapid prototyping service bureau, was contracted by a GM sub-contractor to provide stereolithography models and 200 zinc spin castings of these complex components for operational testing.
- Processing the barrels by induction heating and spin casting to achieve controlled zone-melting and solidification of the thick coating with a compositional gradient along its length;
Centrifugal or spin casting techniques have molded a variety of materials including metals, ceramics, thermoplastics, and thermosets.
Nor do we read about the development of spin casting for large monolithic mirrors.
This new approach will eventually allow us to fabricate patterned devices with conducting polymers without using conventional spin casting and photolithographic techniques.
What makes this program so special are the hands-on fishing activities taught by several guides for releasing, knot tying, dehooking, bait rigging, spin casting, gaffing grapefruits, cast netting, trailer backing, boat handling, reel maintenance and more until 4:30 pm.
For this project, EcoCast was applied to the inside of the pipe by spin casting.