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He gave many flies to one spider and many spiders to one bird, and then wanted a cat to eat the many birds.
18 June.--He has turned his mind now to spiders,and has got several very big fellows in a box.
The number of spiders, in proportion to other insects, is here compared with England very much larger; perhaps more so than with any other division of the articulate animals.
It is well known that most of the British spiders, when a large insect is caught in their webs, endeavour to cut the lines and liberate their prey, to save their nets from being entirely spoiled.
Spider Lagerty's bloated face bent down close to his.
A groan went up as Spider Hagerty peeled Rivera's sweater over his head.
"Did the spider accept the old fellow's invitation?" asked Laurie, yawning.
As he spoke Wilson had been boring a hole in one of the water kegs, and as Spider held a tin cup he tilted the keg to pour a draft of the precious fluid.
"The kegs are filled with gunpowder," said Spider, in a low tone, turning to those aft.
"Where is this great spider of yours now?" asked the Lion.
Spider sang "The Boston Burglar" and "Black Lulu." The Queen sang "Then I Wisht I Were a Little Bird." And her sister Tess sang "Oh, Treat My Daughter Kindily." The fun grew fast and furious.
The priest's eye was staring, wild, flaming, and remained riveted on the horrible little group of the spider and the fly.