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She was subsequently in a spica cast, which is a full body cast, for three months followed by six months in a hip abduction brace.
Eva is raising money for DDH UK, a hip dysplasia charity, after she was diagnosed with developmental dysplasia of the hip and spent weeks in a spica cast.
Comparison of titanium elastic nails with traction and spica cast to treat femoral fractures in children.
The wrist was immobilized in a below-elbow molded POP thumb spica cast.
Reduction was cheeked by flouroscopy and hip spica cast applied while the operated joint immobilized in the reduced position.
Stephen will be in a spica cast for six weeks following the procedure (to) avoid further deformities such as pelvic obliquity and developing spinal scoliosis.
After surgery a Spica Cast is used to keep the hips aligned in the proper position while the tissue around the hip joint heals.
The patient was treated by immobilization of the thumb in a spica cast for 4 weeks.
Encourage your patient to stop using any form of tobacco, and keep them in a thumb spica cast a minimum of 6 weeks followed by 6 weeks of range of motion with a splint.
Lisa's family suffered another trauma when her 38-year-old sister Annmarie's baby daughter, Millie, then 18 months old, fractured her femur and had to be placed in a hip spica cast.