spherical equivalent

equivalent, spherical

A spherical power whose focal point coincides with the circle of least confusion of a spherocylindrical lens. Hence, the spherical equivalent of a prescription is equal to the algebraic sum of the value of the sphere and half the cylindrical value, i.e. sphere + cylinder/2. Example: the spherical equivalent of the prescription −3 D sphere −2 D cylinder axis 180º is equal to −4 D.
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Of these 88% were within +-1 D of target spherical equivalent post-operatively by automated refraction.
Concurrently, the company's Phase 3 trial will enroll 500 subjects aged three to 17 years with myopia Spherical Equivalent Refraction (SER) of at least -0.
396, respectively) macular vascular density were associated with AL and spherical equivalent (all P < 0.
Using a more recent prism-ballasted, but non-truncated, design, Cho and colleagues found no significant difference in comfort between this design and its spherical equivalent.
Anisometropia was defined as an interocular difference in spherical equivalent refraction (spherical value + 1/2 cylinder value) [greater than or equal to]1 D and interocular difference in BCVA [greater than or equal to]2 lines of Snellen acuity.
The patients were categorized into three groups based on spherical equivalent refraction (SER).
Mean change in astigmatism, Maximum simulated Keratometry value (Kmax), Spherical equivalent (SE) and Central Corneal Thickness (CCT) were -0.
Cumulative change in spherical equivalent refraction (myopic shift) after 3 years was significantly less in the intervention group than in the control group.
All the children had myopia with a spherical equivalent of more than -0.
The pre-surgery measurements, along with other factors such as patient age, are used to identify suitable candidates for the procedure and to determine the "intended" or expected spherical equivalent outcome (variable E[outcome]) used to test H1.

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