sphenoidal concha

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 [kong´kah] (pl. con´chae) (L.)
a shell-shaped structure.
concha of auricle the hollow of the auricle of the external ear, bounded anteriorly by the tragus and posteriorly by the antihelix.
inferior nasal concha a bone forming the lower part of the lateral wall of the nasal cavity.
middle nasal concha the lower of two bony plates projecting from the inner wall of the ethmoidal labyrinth and separating the superior from the middle meatus of the nose.
sphenoidal concha a thin curved plate of bone at the anterior and lower part of the body of the sphenoid bone, on either side, forming part of the roof of the nasal cavity.
superior nasal concha the upper of two bony plates projecting from the inner wall of the ethmoidal labyrinth and forming the upper boundary of the superior meatus of the nose.
supreme nasal concha a third thin bony plate occasionally found projecting from the inner wall of the ethmoidal labyrinth, above the two usually found.

sphe·noi·dal con·cha

one of a pair of pyramidal ossicles, the spines of which are in contact with the medial pterygoid lamina, the bases forming the roof of the nasal cavity.
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But this, his thinness, so to speak, seemed no more the token of wasting anxieties and cares, than it seemed the indication of any bodily blight.
So staying in the house, on the other hand, may produce a softness and smoothness, not to say thinness of skin, accompanied by an increased sensibility to certain impressions.
At some time or other the fog thinned a little; we did not know when, for we were facing the empty universe and the thinness could not show; but at last Harris happened to look around, and there stood a huge, dim, spectral hotel where the precipice had been.
She was uplifted by a sudden feeling that he looked quite beautiful in spite of his thinness.
The hollowness and thinness of his face would have caused them to look large, under his yet dark eyebrows and his confused white hair, though they had been really otherwise; but, they were naturally large, and looked unnaturally so.
Her thinness seemed to be the effect of some wasting fire within her, which found a vent in her gaunt eyes.
The youth could see that the soles of his shoes had been worn to the thinness of writing paper, and from a great rent in one the dead foot projected piteously.
After being beaten in the manner I have described, the material soon becomes blended in one mass, which, moistened occasionally with water, is at intervals hammered out, by a kind of gold-beating process, to any degree of thinness required.
The smallness of the house and thinness of the walls brought everything so close to her, that, added to the fatigue of her journey, and all her recent agitation, she hardly knew how to bear it.
Her hair, of a shaded fairness, arranged with exquisite taste, fell in silky curls over her lovely mantling cheeks; she passed across the paper a delicate hand, whose thinness announced her extreme youth.
Close at his heels came the colonel himself, a man rather over the middle size, but of an exceeding thinness.
In the first place his red beard, ragged and untrimmed, hid much of his face, and his hair was long; but the most surprising change in him was his extreme thinness.