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an agent destructive to spermatozoa. adj., adj spermici´dal.


An agent destructive to spermatozoa.
Synonym(s): spermicide
[spermato- + L. caedo, to kill]


A substance or agent that kills spermatozoa, especially one used as a contraceptive. Also called spermatocide.

sper′mi·cid′al (-sīd′l) adj.


A contraceptive chemical that kills sperm, which is placed in the vagina or within a condom before sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy.


Spermaticide A contraceptive agent with a high failure rate–11.9 pregnancies/100 woman-yrs Formulations Foams, creams, sponges; most contain a surfactant nonoxynol 9, an agent that ↓ risk of STDs–it is bactericidal and viricidal; spermicides are not associated with teratogenesis or trisomies, although some 'soft' data suggest possible limb reduction defects. See Contraceptives, IUDs, Litogens, Pearl index, RU 486.


An agent destructive to sperms.
Synonym(s): spermatocide.


An agent that is destructive to sperm.
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Diaphragm and spermicide use has been associated with an increased risk of urinary tract infections (UTI) and yeast infections.
* What are some common problems encountered when using spermicide or a sponge?
Hence in this study our aim was to compare the action of our protein Ap with a known spermicide available in the market, N-9.
If possible, avoid contraceptives containing the spermicide nonoxynol-9.
Keywords: chlamydia, sexually transmitted, sexually transmitted disease, condom, condoms, latex condom, latex condoms, lesbian, risk for chlamydia, spermicide, nonoxynol-9
* On September 25 The Wall Street Journal published "Some Makers, Venders Drop N-9 Spermicide on HIV Risk.
Spermicidal gel is used in conjunction with diaphragms (1); only diaphragms combined with the use of spermicide are approved as contraceptives.
The rejected ad was for Encare, a spermicide product made by Blairex Laboratories.
Taiho, based in Tokyo, decided make use of its technological know-how in the production of spermicide. Myfemy is also effective in preventing sexually transmitted diseases, Taiho said.
More recently, a federal judge ruled that a spermicide caused birth defects despite a mountain of unrefuted evidence to the contrary.
If you need additional lubrication during sex, always use water-based lubricants, like KY or H-R jelly, or better yet, a lubricant that contains nonoxynol-9, a spermicide which also kills the AIDS virus.