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an agent destructive to spermatozoa. adj., adj spermici´dal.
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An agent destructive to spermatozoa.
Synonym(s): spermicide
[spermato- + L. caedo, to kill]
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A substance or agent that kills spermatozoa, especially one used as a contraceptive. Also called spermatocide.

sper′mi·cid′al (-sīd′l) adj.
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A contraceptive chemical that kills sperm, which is placed in the vagina or within a condom before sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy.
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Spermaticide A contraceptive agent with a high failure rate–11.9 pregnancies/100 woman-yrs Formulations Foams, creams, sponges; most contain a surfactant nonoxynol 9, an agent that ↓ risk of STDs–it is bactericidal and viricidal; spermicides are not associated with teratogenesis or trisomies, although some 'soft' data suggest possible limb reduction defects. See Contraceptives, IUDs, Litogens, Pearl index, RU 486.
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An agent destructive to sperms.
Synonym(s): spermatocide.
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An agent that is destructive to sperm.
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"We followed up on that launch last year with the introduction of Trojan Shared Sensation lubricated and spermicidally lubricated condoms, which achieved similar success by offering consumers a special shape and textures for his and her pleasure and excitement."
Our purple box is LifeStyles spermicidally lubricated.
Last year it introduced "very sensitive" Trojan condoms in both lubricated and spermicidally lubricated versions.