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Destructive to spermatozoa.
Synonym(s): spermicidal


destructive to spermatozoa.


(spĕr'mi-sī'dăl spĕrm sel)
Destructive to sperms.


An agent that kills spermatozoa. Two spermicides used in contraceptive products are nonoxynol 9 and octoxynol 9.


The use of spermicides reduces the likelihood of pregnancy during sexual intercourse, but it does not reduce the rate of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases.
Synonym: spermaticide; spermatozoicidespermicidal (sper?mi-sid'al), adjective
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Peroxidative breakdown of phospholipids in human spermatozoa: Spermicidal effect of fatty acid peroxides and protective action of seminal plasma.
A composite extract of 50% ethanolic leaf extract of Achyranthes aspera and Stephania her-nandifolia possess contraceptive and spermicidal activity in male rats (Paul et al.
Gautam Pangu of Pennsylvania based Vindico NanoBioTechnology, is developing a dual-action topical gel with spermicidal and therapeutic properties based on a nanoparticle platform called the polymersome.
1975 Esquire endorses the spermicidal effects of jockstraps.
It was believed that the ingredients of Coca-Cola made it spermicidal and that a 'shake and shoot' application of the classic stuff would protect against unwanted pregnancies.
Reference: "The Spermicidal Potency of Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola," C.
18) in which a child and her parents sued the manufacturer of a spermicidal contraceptive jelly for birth defects they alleged had resulted from its use.
The most common devices include 1) male condoms (a polyurethane sheath that fits over the penis), 2) female condoms (a polyurethane sheath that fits into the vagina), 3) vaginal sponge (disk-shaped polyurethane device that contains spermicide), 4) spermicide alone (foam, cream, film, or suppositories with spermicidal properties), and 5) diaphragms and cervical caps (dome-shaped rubber disks the cover the anterior vagina creating a barrier to prevent sperm from entering the cervix).