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Destructive to spermatozoa.
Synonym(s): spermicidal
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(spĕr'mi-sī'dăl spĕrm sel)
Destructive to sperms.
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An agent that kills spermatozoa. Two spermicides used in contraceptive products are nonoxynol 9 and octoxynol 9.


The use of spermicides reduces the likelihood of pregnancy during sexual intercourse, but it does not reduce the rate of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases.
Synonym: spermaticide; spermatozoicidespermicidal (sper?mi-sid'al), adjective
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Peroxidative breakdown of phospholipids in human spermatozoa: Spermicidal effect of fatty acid peroxides and protective action of seminal plasma.
The sperm revival test revealed that the spermicidal effect was irreversible.
The authors suggested a safe spermicidal formulation with wide spectrum antimicrobial action would be a desirable addition to the presently available spermicides (Garg 2002).
One of the first products studied as a topical microbicide, the spermicidal agent Nonoxynol-9 (N-9), unfortunately was shown to be neither safe nor effective (Hillier et al.
Ovaprene is a "one-size-fits-all" patented, female-controlled, intravaginal organic silicone ring barrier-contraceptive that is designed to continuously release spermiostatic and spermicidal non-drug agents over a four-week period.
On the horizon are "exciting possibilities" for new products in barrier contraception that are both spermicidal and microbicidal to prevent sexually transmitted infections, plus "a whole range of new IUDs, a 1-year vaginal ring with a new progestin, and other products, Dr.
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