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a cell produced by meiotic division of a secondary spermatocyte; it develops into the spermatozoon.
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The primordial male cell derived by mitotic division from the yolk sac that migrates into the developing testes. Subsequent to puberty, it differentiates by increasing several times in size to become a primary spermatocyte.
See also: spermatid.
[spermato- + G. gonē, generation]
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, spermatogone (spĕr'mă-tō-gō'nē-ŭm, -mă-tō-gōn)
The undifferentiated male sex cell derived by mitotic division from a primordial germ cell; increasing several times in size, it becomes a primary spermatocyte.
See also: spermatid
Synonym(s): spermatoblast.
[spermato- + G. gonē, generation]
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