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pertaining to the spermatozoa or to semen.


Relating to the sperm or semen.


/sper·mat·ic/ (sper-mat´ik)
2. pertaining to spermatozoa.


1. Of, relating to, or resembling sperm: a spermatic substance; a spermatic filament.
2. Containing, conveying, or producing sperm: the spermatic duct.


Relating to the sperm or semen.


Pertaining to SPERM.


pertaining to the spermatozoa or to semen.

spermatic cord
the structure extending from the deep inguinal ring to the testis, comprising the ductus deferens, testicular artery and vein including the pampiniform plexus, lymphatic ducts, autonomic nerves as a testicular plexus, smooth muscle tissue around the vessels, called also internal cremaster muscle, and the visceral layer of the vaginal tunic. Clinicians are likely to include the external cremaster muscle, and the parietal layer of the vaginal tunic as parts of the cord, although, strictly, these structures simply surround the cord. Called also funiculus spermaticus.
spermatic cord torsion
torsion of the cord to the point where circulation in the blood vessels of the cord ceases; rare but occasional occurrence in dogs, particularly where the testicle is retained and enlarged by tumor. Causes acute abdominal pain and death due to shock.

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Q. how do i teat my no sperm count? i do not have a live sperm,how can i treat and have live sperm count

A. The treatment is done only at specialist centers, and consists first of evaluation of the reason for this condition (called azoospermia). If an anatomical malformation is found, it may be corrected, as well as medical conditions, and in some cases, direct extraction of sperms from the testes (called MESA) enables in-vitro fertilization.

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Q. can hepatitis be transferred from fathers sperm when concieving a child? My partner has hepatitis C and he has gotten me pregnant will our baby have it too?

A. Here is taken from wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hepatitis_C#Transmission) :

Sexual transmission of HCV is considered to be rare. Studies show the risk of sexual transmission in heterosexual, monogamous relationships is extremely rare or even null. The CDC does not recommend the use of condoms between long-term monogamous discordant couples (where one partner is positive and the other is negative). However, because of the high prevalence of hepatitis C, this small risk may translate into a non-trivial number of cases transmitted by sexual routes. Vaginal penetrative sex is believed to have a lower risk of transmission than sexual practices that involve higher levels of trauma to anogenital mucosa.

Mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis C has been well described, but occurs relatively infrequently. Transmission occurs only among women who are HCV RNA positive at the time of delivery; the risk of transmission in this setting is approximately 6 out of 100. Among women w

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The main problem caused in fish semen by cryopreservation is related to a decrease in spermatic motility and vigor and, as a consequence, to the possible loss of fertilization capability (Lahnsteiner et al.
Benign masses of the spermatic cord can be excised with preservation of the testis.
A mesh similar to Lichtenstein repair is inserted in the floor of the inguinal canal to reinforce the plug mesh (Gilbert's sutureless hernioplasty), but this patch is slit to accomodate the spermatic cord elements.
Magnetic resonance imaging of the abdomen and pelvis demonstrated dilated, thick-walled, thrombosed testicular vein with increased intraluminal signaling in the right spermatic cord in axial T1A-weighted fat-suppressed images, with normal other organ findings (Fig.
The spermatic cord is dissected free the same way it is done in all the other anterior approach repairs.
A method for the reduction of chronic pain after tension-free repair of inguinal hernia: iliohypogastric neurectomyand subcutaneous transposition of the spermatic cord.
If he had just tracked that spermatic cord up into the body, that would have told him which side he was on," Lepisto said.
The significance of spermatic cord LVI in the absence of cord soft tissue invasion has not been evaluated, to our knowledge, in testicular germ cell tumors.
Neonatal torsion is an extravaginal torsion, involving the entire spermatic cord, including the processus vaginalis (Basta et al.
Following findings were looked for during gross examination: right or left side, external surface, condition of the scrotal skin and tunica albuginea, consistency, size of tumor, appearance of cut surface, color, necrosis or hemorrhage, condition of surrounding testicular tissue, epididymis, and spermatic cord and surgical margin.
Mobilization of the testis and the spermatic cord to the level of the deep inguinal ring.