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A peculiar fatty, waxy substance, chiefly cetin (cetyl palmitate), obtained from the head of the sperm whale, Physeter macrocephalus; used to impart firmness to ointment bases.
Synonym(s): cetaceum
[sperma- + G. ketos, whale]
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The data from Spermaceti Cove were then analyzed as a group, and those from Earle were separated by the presence or absence of a fence and then analyzed (Appendix 1).
60) Upon the arrival of the American vessel the Leviathan, the viceroy, the Marquis do Lavradio, noticed that the crew were specialists in fishing for spermaceti whales, a technique with which the Brazilian whale contractor was totally unfamiliar.
It was the whale oil and spermaceti (a liquid wax) from sperm whales that kept candles burning, lamps shining, and lighthouses guiding ships back to port.
Together, they are not only hunting Moby Dick, establishing or fulfilling Ahab's or Ishmael's destiny, and helping to make a philosophic statement about human beings and their relationship to nature, but they are also colonizing the seas and competing with the other world powers and refining spermaceti oil and decimating a species and enabling candles to burn and passing information around the globe and so on and on.
Sperm whales possess two huge oil-filled sacs within their head, known as the spermaceti sac and the junk.
Spermaceti oil, extracted from the heads, "burned cleaner than any other illuminant in the eighteenth century.
Spermaceti, from the whale's head, was used in making candles.
One site was located at Earle Naval Weapons Station and the second was located at Spermaceti Cove at Gateway National Recreation Area on Sandy Hook, NJ.
177 Extracting spermaceti from a sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) on the deck of a whaler.
The right whale (Baleaenidae) was taken and its blubber is rendered for oil in the same way as that of the fat of the spermaceti, but unlike the latter, the right whale has no "case" in its head filled with spermaceti and oil.
He calls the Sussex "the devil's ship" and tells Una that each night, as a sort of penance, he soaks his hands in spermaceti.
Melville describes Ishmael's vision as occurring in the process of squeezing spermaceti in the open air with his crewmates: