sperm cell

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, pl.


The male gamete or sex cell that contains the genetic information to be transmitted by the male, exhibits autokinesia, and is able to effect zygosis with an oocyte. The human sperm is composed of a head and a tail, the tail being divisible into a neck, a middle piece, a principal piece, and an end piece; the head, 4-6 mcm in length, is a broadly oval, flattened body containing the nucleus; the tail is about 55 mcm in length.
Synonym(s): sperm cell, spermatozoon
[G. sperma, seed]
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sperm cell

See sperm1.
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A specialized region or structure similar to epididymis in mammals that participates on sperm cell nutrition and maturation processes is lacking on the rooster reproductive tract.
(2) Raman Spectroscopy and Holographic Microscopy for Sperm Cell Sex Sorting.
Ascorbic acid addition in Tris egg yolk extender also improved sperm cell membrane integrity of sahiwal cattle bulls shown in Table I.
Group one patients were divided further into two subgroups: group 1a included 56 cases in which TESE (testicular sperm extraction) was used to obtain the sperm cells as the male factor was severe.
Fifty sperm cells from each sample were optically trapped for analysis.
The concentration of sperm cells was adjusted to 5x [10.sup.6] sperm/ml using Brackett-Oliphant (BO) medium containing heparin and 3% BSA.
The aperture used in this study was a long narrow channel, 46 [micro]m long (so that the passage of sperm cells took >0.5 s), 7 [micro]m wide (the same as the width of aperture for a previous homemade microdevice) (24), and 11 [micro]m high (where the Makler chamber is 10 [micro]m in height), as illustrated in Fig.
Sperm: a silent cell?: One of the discussions in sperm cell biology is whether any protein synthesis takes place in the sperm cells or not?
The researchers also attempted to create sperm cells using XX (female) stem cells, but concluded that the genes on the Y chromosome are necessary for sperm development and maturation.
At this point the hyperactivity of the sperm cell becomes important.
In Eremobates sp., within the germinal part the sperm cells are groups of a few, probably four, mature sperm cells each surrounded by thin extensions of somatic cells.
In addition, PEI-mediated transport of FAM-labeled 10 mer oligonucleotide into abalone sperm cells resulted in almost 100% bright fluorescent nuclei.