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Intracellular calcium regulation in sperm capacitation and acrosomal reaction.
Promoting in-vivo sperm capacitation, ToConceive also helps treat some types of male subfertility, such as anti-sperm antibodies caused by an infection in the prostate, insufficient numbers of sperm and abnormal sperm that prevents fertilization.
Values for rates of sperm capacitation, embryo development, ICM and TE cell numbers, and the relative gene expression levels were evaluated using analysis of variance (ANOVA) with the general linear model (PROC-GLM) in the SAS software program p [less than or equal to] 0.
Among GAG exposure groups, the HA and HP treatments elicited the most dramatic effects on sperm capacitation, relative to the CS and DS treatments (DS < CS < HA < HP) at 3 h or longer incubation times (p < 0.
The interaction between sperm and the oviductal cells is known to be beneficial for in vitro sperm capacitation and survival in different species (16, 19-22).
Another possibility for the lower cleavage and embryo development in our study might be related to the sperm capacitation changes during sperm binding to OECs and its exposure to the CM.
1999) reported that superoxide anion and hydrogen peroxide, two ROS, are required for sperm capacitation and acrosome reaction, respectively.
Effect of sperm capacitation and fertilization media on IVF and early embryo development of prepubertal goat oocytes.
1989) suggested that glucose has an inhibitory effect on sperm capacitation and the fertilization of oocytes.
Our previous study on guinea pig sperm capacitation showed that calcium and bicarbonate but not BSA were required for supporting in vitro capacitation and hyperactivation (Kong et al.